Good Foundations

Sometimes I truly lose sight of how blessed I truly am! How is it that a little rock of the boat can suddenly make me lose sight of what I’ve been blessed with? Sadly it’s possible, and happens now and again, waves keep crashing and my faith is chipped away at, but today God’s shown Me that I am blessed very clearly.

A while back my debit card which is attached to my business funds was stolen somehow and used to go on a shopping spree, and thru it all I was blessed, things went smoothly and money was given back – well recent the card was up to its old tricks! When I get a new card they reset security settings so when a big server bill attempts to go through it stops it. So this month I’m on my second round of hiccups! So what does the server company have to say about my lack of payment due to card issues?

Hi Chuck,

No worries, you’ve been a great client with us for such a long time! If they need me to do anything on my end, just let me know.

Foundations. I sometimes forget the things God has built up and put into place to give me graces and mercies where many would of never given them. The company honestly doesn’t owe me a grace, yet they have given them as my relationship with their company spans back to honestly their start and has continued for years, and I have a fair relationship with management and much of the support staff.

I have a strong foundation of friendships and family too – many who’ve been supportive from support in prayer, an open ear, help out of moving from the apartment, giving me a place to live for a while as I figure out a wedding date 🙂 and so much more, I am truly blessed as how many out there don’t always have these sorts of help.

Things have been a little rough this past month in the transition of living places, getting used to schedules, having an alarm cat which alerts the world if I’m 30 seconds or more past my curfew 🙂 but it’s all leveling out, and I’m slowly but surely getting back up to steam!

Continued prayers are appreciated for sure! That foundations built will hold, that things will balance out and that things will just continue to get better and better! Have a few resumes floating around for some additional work, so prayers for that + growth for FH & TN would be GREAT! If you need help with a web project do let me know! For now, have a great day all!

RB3 @ Andrew's Baby Shower!
RB3 @ Andrew’s Baby Shower!