2013 down… bring on 2014!

So what did you do last year? Oh nothing much, just changed my entire life around 🙂

Ah it has been quiet around here on the blog, a lot going on behind the scenes, a lot of things changing, and a lot of things in the works – 2013, what a year! Some losses, but some amazing gains – May not of been picture perfect the entire year but it was the start of something amazing, something of a journey the likes of which I’ve never experienced.


Who would of thought at the start of 2013 I’d end the year with a beautiful wife? Not I. I started the year off thinking it’d be a year like any other! Me and Tim vs. The World!  Sadly Tim didn’t make the entire journey of 2013, I miss the guy still and tear up when thinking of our entirely too brief journey together, but I love the fact that his ginger awesomeness was with me even for the season that it was, he helped me through some rough days, and he’s up in heaven awaiting for the day to hang out with me again!


2014 brings about a lot of changes without a doubt! Married for only 2 months as of Today! So much has happened and so much more is to come, so much I thought I understood and planned for and yet, I’m realizing I have yet to learn or fully be prepared for, but such is life, it’s a journey and I am going to enjoy it!

waitingpage2014 will have my business changing again, already drafted up the paperwork for some BIG changes in how I do business, hopefully all wrapped up in the first quarter of this year – from business status, to business credit card processing, you name it, a LOT is in transition! Going to see some new projects come online, some new ideas fly with how I work from home and more – this year is going to be HUGE with change!

Married life will change in 2014, still bringing our lives together from cell phone plans, internet access, even cooking! It’s a lot of learning more and more and more and more about each other! I have a lot to learn myself, and I’m doing my best to listen and learn!

Daisy and I are also doing a bit of bible challenge for ourselves, by doing the ENTIRE BIBLE in a year! (Link to the reading plan) Quite the undertaking and commitment, but the reading schedule is pretty well structured and if you’re even on the go you can simply goto the page and it links to the chapters directly for easy reading from your computer/smartphone – Join us!

The year behind and a new year ahead, even now my Facebook quote is so true even more so:

sometimes life isn’t what you expected, sometimes the greatest joys bring the worst hurts, sometimes the worst hurts bring the greatest joys. all things in their time, change can be good if you let it be.

While 2013 wrapped up maybe not exactly how I ever imagined it would end in the start of 2013, but I am excited and blessed by what it has started and what it will move 2014 to be – just have to remember to breathe, pray and keep moving forward.

Hope you all are starting a great 2014! Start it with prayer and focus on God for all things in your life and I hope to hear that your 2014 is going amazing! If it’s not post a comment and let me know how I can pray for you!