PS:14 – Quadcopter?

I’m an out-doorsey kind of guy. I enjoy fresh air because anywhere from 75-90% of my day tends to be at my desk. So any adventure out and about is great. Thus, this past summer I grabbed a simple quadcopter from Amazon. The Syma line was very cool, has some options for tricks and is honestly cheap. I got these after having lost to a tree/melted a motor of a Sky Viper, which is not the best drone in the world.

Why am I drone crazy? Well, I want a professional grade one but a $30 investment for learning seemed safer than crashing a $800 drone. The dream one thus far is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional because I love the range & video quality. I would love to fly out to the nearby areas as things are green, snow sprinkled/covered, not to mention if I get this gig on the coast; I likely will at least monthly go out and hit up a meeting or three. Ocean Video.

The thing I love is I’ve always posted photos. I’ve always posted things like panorama of the outdoors, 360 spheres on Google – just some photos even like this of the nearby Kern River:


I want to do more. I talked to my dad briefly about this the other day as the units are on sale on DJI’s website. I mentioned I thought it would be cool to do a flyby of beautiful Kern County areas like the above Kern River! Do some awesome music with it. Heck even maybe give a few images to my old friend Scott’s Instagram Channel.

It is a dream more than a “RUN GET IT!” I’m trying not to go nuts on spending in any fashion. I’ve thought about just getting a lower model, see if the YouTube channel alone would get some extra $$, throw in the tech site, a day job, and my business might be able to save up over the course of this year and buy it.

A Guy can dream can’t he? 🙂

PS:13 – Product Manager

So I’ve had a talk moving forward on my job offer. It sounds great. Still not all the specifics as of yet like things in the pay, benefits, etc. but very light ground work laying out for me what I would do.

I don’t mind the 9-to-5 job. It is nice to work with a crew and build something. I worked as the “IT Director” for a lab supply company for five years, before that I was the “eCommerce Guy” for a growing web firm, before that I was “IT Coordinator” for a High School Design Acadameny. Each has had it’s perks to it which have been nice.

This company has been awesome to work for as a contractor, and my brother works at this company too but has been insanely hands off, even to the point that I report to other people. I’ve even had the CEO hit me up and pick my brain even to the point he had me migrate a family members website to his servers.

So 9-to-5 solid, some options for bonuses based upon some factors if I can grow things for them (shouldn’t be too hard) and no conflict in working my own thing! Though moving forward some of my client base, if things seem solid, I may consider just bringing them into the fold.

I’ve been in and out today, but trying to keep with the post something every day, I’m up for a short bit – so here’s my post! Hopefully, this next week I’ll have a firm offer, heck even an active new job.

PS:12 – Feeling Blah

I’ve been up off and on all night. Kiddo is talking & singing in her sleep. However, the primary reason I’m up was to migrate a website.

Still waiting for the official job offer from this company, but a client needed their test website migrated from one URL to another. Done and Done.

I haven’t had a lot of sleep lately. Has been a go go go week, and as it’s 6:30 am as I look up at the clock, I’m not sure sleep will return to me, but one can hope!

Just feeling blah lately, I need a break, but a pile of things to do, so going to knock down a few and pray they stay down. Happy Friday all.

PS:11 – Crock Pot’n It.

I was thinking about what to write today. I thought to myself:

Let’s write about Post Something!

Then I was hungry. I have a desire for something warm and delicious! So thus the title Crock Pot’n It.

Lilly is a big fan of Mac & Cheese. We grab the instant cups from Target, and we love the Sprouts Mac & Cheese! However as I’m trying to do a few things:

  • Save Money.
  • Eat Healthier
  • Cook

The CrockPot recently allowed me to make an awesome Mac & Cheese, took 2.5 hours, and was super tasty! So I looked at my pin’s on crock pot meals (well one of them) and tried one. It was simple, and looking for a complete recipe I found this bloke:

I will agree! I did a modification, I did a mix of cheddar and colby jack – it is as simple as he says!

I plan to make more of this as Lilly was a big fan! So I’m looking for more, once life calms down I do want to find more, but next on the list is BBQ & Alfredo if I can find a good one!

Do you have a crock pot fav? Let me know what it is!

PS:10 – A Job?

A 9-to-5ish kind of job? Maybe.

I got a note Monday night from the company I do a lot of contract work for and they asked if I’d be interested in coming on full time as a “Web Engineer” (not even sure what that means lol) but I like the idea.

I love doing my gig; it’s fun. I have had 13 years of doing it, and even as I worked previously at another company for around five years, it can be done.

The cool thing, this time, around is it is in my field. Web/Servers. I have been working for them as a contractor for a few months, and I’ve enjoyed the crew, and helping out a new dynamic of customers.

So I’ve said I’m interested, and they are getting me a job description and call by weeks end. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, or a good, bad thing. Time will tell 🙂

Hopefully, in a few posts, I’ll have something more to say!

PS:9 – 18 Months

Hi, I’m Chuck, and I’m 437 Months old. When I say: Lilly is 18 months old! Oh, how people get excited. I get stories of “Oh I remember when my baby was that age!” or “2’s are coming.” Just something not so cool about being 437 months old. Oh well.

Lilly hit the big 18 and is doing good. As I write this, she’s sleeping taking in the rest as this kid is always going it seems! But in 6 months I will indeed have a 2-year-old! That’s just plain awesome. She’s growing up fast, but so far I’m enjoying it and not dreading it. I do tell her to stop growing, but she just says “tooka tooka tooka” and goes on playing!

Pictures were taken and here’s one I’ll share:


Can’t wait for this little girl to grow and get to know her even more as her personality just keeps shining through!


PS:8 – Meeting “Mo”

Often when I’m out and about I meeting a variety of homeless people. I recall meeting Robin, a cool little man who called me his “Blessing.” Tonight I met Mo. She was the kind of person I like who approaches me in a parking lot, stand-offish, but not afraid to talk.

She told me the story of how she was living on the streets. She was just looking for some hygiene supplies (Shampoo/Razors) and some food. We talked about how they prepare food, how she gets by with soups and such, and how ramen noodles are “the bomb” I think she said 🙂

I revisited my Target store and grabbed some supplies. I got food that’d last out and about and give meals for a few days vs. a single meal tonight. Some clean water & a sandwich, all in all, a good number of supplies to keep her going.

I love it when folks are appreciative in their response, as I told Mo once, I had a guy who wasn’t happy with some of the choices I got him – she, however, was amazed and kept thanking me and thanking me.

Lately, my heart has been in a desire to give. I’ve been buying food for folks behind me at drive-thrus, I’ve been helping homeless when I can – I just have a strong desire to give. I miss doing that.

God’s doing something fun with me. I love the desires to give. Praying Mo is blessed and moves forward with life.