PS:43 – Latest Flight

So in an attempt to relax on my birthday went for a drone flight:

Took some photos too! Haven’t posted many of those, but I think I’m going to post some online soon! For now, since I’m exhausted after a rough weekend which included a sick Lilly 🙁 I’m going to get back to work and try to wrap up for the evening so I can sleep tonight.

PS:41 – Migration Weekend.. Bleh.

Another weekend of work. I know it’s my birthday weekend, but sadly work waits for no man, I just want to get things stable for a batch of a customer’s customers.

So far it’s gone somewhat smoothly, few hiccups as always. Now to attack them. Hopefully, I can find a work-free Birthday, but I somehow doubt it – time will tell!

PS:40 – What is TFH?

A while back I came up with an idea. Like all good ideas, they don’t go anywhere! I’ve invested money in hardware, logo design, software, and have some main articles written. For what? Tech Friendly Help.

The goal? Just as the name states: Friendly Tech Help. I’ve got a slew of article ideas, video guides, you name it. But it’s finding the time to write, properly review and so much more! Even now writing this in-between a data recovery & server migration (server 1 of 2) – Throw in a kid and all other areas of life? Oi.

So how do I move on this? Next week one of my posts here will be a welcome video that I hope to produce next week after things get rolling smoothly.

I’d love to see the site take off and be something helpful for folks. I know so many who even to me come sheepishly asking for repair of this, or should they buy that? Hope to provide a lot of great information to get a good grip on the tech that troubles you.

So stay tuned. Fun things ahead.

PS:39 – Raspberry Pi 2

Well got an early birthday present of a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve looked at some projects including a NAS for projects. Currently, I’ve got it set up as a LAMP setup to do some web dev.

I have been looking at though making a smart mirror! There are some projects using the Pi as a brain for a delightful display that shines through the mirror – super cool idea and who knows may make a nice gig to sell on Etsy or something similar.

Loving it so far, have it running headless in the other room, but lovely to have a low footprint for a system and next to nothing in power, even runs on battery power so may make a storage system for the truck! Lots of options!


PS:38 – 36

The big question on the 36 is what do I want to do? I’d love to get out of town, and RELAX. I wish I could just go and chill out with the drone, maybe do some flying around the ocean?

Sadly I have no real plans, no party plans, just sadly becoming another day, one of which I’ll likely want just to sleep.

For now, work is the thing of the evening, just go go go. Ticket queue is huge, customers needing stuff, a project I need to wrap up tonight even if it’s after Lilly goes to bed! Going to knock things down! Got to get out from under this pile!

PS:37 – Healthier

Had a doctor’s appointment the other day, and his big suggestion was to lose at least 15lbs – I could stand to do it.

While in the past I’ve been over 300lbs, right now I’m up again! I was heading towards the 200lbs mark…. but sitting still has not done me any favors.

So I grabbed some things to help lower blood sugar & help with weight loss, namely Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, and Cinnamon – not sure what the effect will be but interested to tie that in with possibly a bike or elliptical soon.

Back in shape soon!

PS:36 – The Week Ahead

This week is going to be a busy one! This morning even I had a phone call from a customer wanting to look at a server option for his customer to help tune up Apache response time so he can gain some milliseconds for SEO sake.

Aside from that possible spin-up, I’m reviewing a server in how to best break down things into three other servers (as it’s overloaded) hoping to have at least 50% of it split off by middle of next month (if not sooner).

I have a website to finish, another server migration of 2 VPS -> 1 Dedicated, and as of about 5 minutes ago, malware/hack cleanup of a company’s set of websites. Oi.

Glad I got some sleep under the belt this weekend, and just now with the kiddo as she had been up since 7am-ish and wasn’t stopping but it required me for the nap apparently! So she (still sleeping) and I got a nap in, and I’m now up going to sneak in a pile of work as she rests!

PS:35 – New Video!

Got out there again and made some fresh footage! Love the controls! I do think I need a new set of propellers (little wobble), but too high mountains = good steady breeze!

Hope you guys like it! Want to head to some places I’ve not shot/recorded, but to I’ve got photos which I took, thinking it’s time to revive Flickr! For now, though, here’s one:


Oh okay! You’ve talked me into it, here’s another (from the iPhone):