PS:33 – Photography!

So yesterday to take a breath from the building stress of work, I drove out to one of my favorite spots to relax and met a nice lady who took a picture of Lilly and Me!


But look at those wildflowers! I want to go out there again soon, so calm and peaceful (and a workout!) got to chat with Anne who asked for some more fun places nearby to shoot, gave her some tips 🙂 And her friend took my email address to pick my brain later! Nice folks, always enjoy chats with photographers!

It was beautiful for sure, maybe a new drone video soon if I take Skippy out there this weekend!

I do have a GI appointment tomorrow, may include the follow-up scope from my hospital visit last year, but we shall see. A little nervous, really don’t want to be put under again, left me off for a few weeks.

But I will leave with a last photo, so it’s on something happy – have a good weekend!


PS:31 – WORK!

Work covers about 75% of my time lately. I haven’t had any time to work on personal projects, company websites, or nap. Out of all of those I’d really love a nap.

Been working on servers, customer tickets, projects for customers, you name it. I’ve been doing it and keeping peace in the ticket queue. I need sleep though, body is starting to hurt more and more 🙁

PS:29 – Dear Relaxation

Dear Relaxation,

It has been a while. Remember when we used just to go and drive? Oh, those were the days!

Remember when every moment of every day wasn’t “GO GO GO!”? Even when we had our last 9-to-5, there were steak dinners, pizza with co-workers, there were times we had, oh boy. Fun.

Now I feel like you are a million miles away. Even the things meant to be with you, are stressful! Oh, how I wish you’d come back.

We need to plan something soon because I need it desperately.

With much love,

PS:28 – Whiskey Valentines

I did the whole valentines thing on Friday. Flowers & Dinner. I did well. Actual valentines day I apparently did well again. Snuck up to Whiskey Flats day in Kernville – where Lilly got to be a firefighter!


She had fun I think. No drone on this trip, but I will say there are SEVERAL places I want to go with it in that area, but that’s a journey for another day.

Me? I’m exhausted. If I didn’t have some work to check in on and push a few buttons, I’d be asleep right now – but getting in my writing, looking for something mindless to put on to watch as I work. I need sleep – busy week ahead.

Oh okay, one more picture!


She does love giraffes! She was walking & running today like crazy! She’s growing up too fast, I get older this month, her mom next month and her in July! Oi!

PS:26 – What a week!

This week was go go go. I need to learn how to relax! But seems no matter what I do – relaxing is not completely possible!

I currently have 20 tickets waiting in a queue, about 50% of them are ready to close, just waiting for customers to sign-off that things are done. Thankfully they aren’t my personal clients but my side admin job.

This weekend I hope to wrap up as much as I can and sleep off things on Sunday. For now wrapping this up. Must roll some email migrations, DNS swaps, and write a little to wind down.

PS:24 – Sick Kiddo

Not a ton to write on today. Lilly for a few days has been frumpy and would go from energy 100% to 1% in 3.8 seconds flat. Today she was crying a bit, and then it came.



Hint of Fruit Loops.



Boy howdy, there was a lot, and she was so upset about it. Like puking it just was pushing out, her tummy was done with it. So keep my little Lilly in your prayers. She’s simply exhausted.