PS:74 – …

My life seems like it’s at that point where it’s a pause. That three dot lead into what’s next… But what is it?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve had an insane month of March. Oh heck, let’s be honest even more so – I’ve had a hard couple of years in general. I’m behind in projects for my business as I take care of business for others, I just want to take a nap over that of sit in front of a camera, or write an article, or even play a video game. I want to rest.

But I press on. I move forward into the day-to-day hours of handling tickets, server issues, customer questions, emails, calls, etc. I have a server migration on Saturday for a large local client, of which leaves few margins for error/failure. So no stress at all right?

I’m tired. I’m ready for a nap. I want a day off where I can just go outside while it’s still cooler temps outside, and enjoy the outdoors before it goldens up and we are dry again. A guy can dream. For now, I wrap up work in front of me, then start the journey of Lilly going to bed.

PS:73 – LegalZoom… Oi.

While I am hoping for a good outcome, let’s just say that LegalZoom has truly at the moment removed itself from my “Companies I recommend”.  I have been considering doing the research on converting “Church Hosting” from FlockHosting into a full-fledged Non-Profit, and was going to use them for the steps forward to become a Non-Profit, but with this latest hiccup in my LLC set up with them, I’m honestly thinking elsewhere.

Since I am still a tad hot under the collar I’m going to avoid writing, going to give them a chance to explain things and see if it helps, but if not – honestly just going to shut down services with them I think.

PS:70 – Health, 3D Printer or Drobo

The last few days I just hit rock bottom. Fried. Today has been a massive day of rest. Just doing nothing at all, Nada. Sleep has been the big thing, but sadly with my body just beyond exhausted I’ve done a lot of sleep. I could use a lot more as I feel like I’ve run a mile in quicksand. I am worn out, every joint hurts; body is swollen too. Took something for a headache and pain, hoping to return to sleep again soon.

Which leaves time to do research. I’ve been trying to increase my storage around here, over the years I’ve had some drives for storage, most ran non-stop and have since given up the ghost. A majority of things live online, my photo archive for one syncs up for my phones -> Dropbox & Google – however, my DSLR and Drone Footage both live in Photos on my Mac – so my next logical step is the Drobo. I’ve considered one over the years, but now the cost isn’t too shabby. Easily even using some spare drives I have could have 4-5TB of storage that’s RAID worthy.

Now on the other side of the coin, lately, I have my creative bug going. The Drone is great for the photography / outdoors fun, but creating is still on my docket. Thus, the desire of a 3D printer has led me to a few options under $500 which if I saved up, or splurged after taxes, would allow me to scratch the creative bug, and maybe to make some money in the process. Some great communities online and YouTube channels which have provided a slew of information – very nice stuff.

So that’s where I’m at, 3D Printing = Fun, Relaxing, a touch of profit, or productivity with more storage for archived videos and such on the Drobo side. Honestly? Leaning towards fun. Just haven’t had enough of that in the past month, insanely exhausted or maybe I’ll just forget both of them and get Lilly a Pony 🙂

Hope you all had a great Easter, be blessed. Till tomorrow!

PS:69 – Done.

Honestly, I’m just done. Cooked. Baked. Deep Fried. I’m done. I need a break. No stress. No fights uphill. No tough talk. Something for once to be easy after a month of hell, and yet what comes this week? Some LLC docs to be filed with the state, and start and finish taxes before the 18th (I think it’s an 18th year not 15th).

I have a pile of things to do still, just amazing how I took one ticket queue down from 25 -> 10 (it was at six at one point, but more added). I have done a lot this weekend, and more is coming it is like no matter how I slice it I can’t find a break. Wanted a nap today, but got 3 hours of sleep, and have been up since. Hoping to get these muscle spasms and tightness loosened up soon and get some sleep.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. I am going to recognize it as a day of rest I think.

PS:68 – One Eye Open

That’s really all I have. Tonight is some migration work, may take up to 8 hours, hoping for less. Have a customer talking to me on Facebook, his church site got hacked, and we have been nursing it along till he can do something new. Asking if I’ll be around to help.

This weekend I really really really really really really REALLY hope to get some rest. For now – forward onto battle. Have a happy easter folks!