PS:64 – The Week of Stress 3.0

For three weeks now I’ve lived in nearly constant stress. Occasionally sleeping. I know that’s not good what-so-ever. Trust me I’ve had a lecture or two over the years when I do this.

So what is different about this week? I am getting closer to being caught up! Granted this week will likely put more on me to do, some LLC business to tend to, some tax stuff to deal with, and a slew of websites to wrap up. I want all sites done and launched by the end of business Today, no more delays!

If you think about it, say a little prayer, think a happy thought, donate spare time in your week to take a nap for me, and comment and let me know how it went! I’d love to hear resting happened!

(ps. going to sleep now – this was not pre-recorded in front of a live studio audience)

PS:63 – Still Posting Something

I confess I sometimes write the post a day ahead. But lately, it’s start writing or I forget entirely. For instance, this one is started, but as a network hardware order side tracked me. So started out good, then got sidetracked into Monday.

I enjoy writing. I do. Grammarly has helped some of my bad habits, but as I type like I talk, that’s bound to be full of grammatical errors galore! Get the red pen out! None the less, even more so this weekend with a new big desk to stretch out and WORK on, I find myself trying to hone my workspace.

A few things I want to add to the desk is a 2nd monitor. Right now I use the laptop + 27in but in searching for an affordable (re: the same deal I got on this 27in, which seems impossible), I found in the Target ad, a 40in Magnavox TV for $199. A 27in screen costs $287 for the LED Acer model I have. Oi! 40in is a LOT of desk space no matter if it is an LED lol.

Something else I’d love on my desk is a 3d printer. Oi. That would be fun, relaxing, and neat to play with, but at even the lowest entry point of $100 (for a pre-order) is nothing special. I’d LOVE to add Replicator Mini, it’s a fantastic looking unit, but let’s be honest – I don’t “need” it, and I think with the drone purchase I’ve capped myself for a short while on big purchases. Maybe once the full-time gig is settled and in place for a few months, maybe. Even then, already trying to put a little away for Ms. Lilly for the future.

This week a lot to do. I’ve thought about digging in right now but honestly I need time to relax. I haven’t even gotten out to fly the drone and try out the new filters or blades, I really want to get out and do a flight, but honestly so much stress I just need to attack it. First thing in the AM is a HUGE to-do list, including TFH. I am going to start writing actively in WordPress, going to get a few security add-ons and SEO plugins all lined up so I can build things out really nice, then my biggest step after that – Theme. Oi!

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, and one day it will be something I add to post something, but for now as I can’t even squeeze in two a day (going to try!) I am going to get some more rest under my belt and maybe get this ol body working for me not against me again!

Have a great week! For those on Spring Break, Relax! Enjoy! I’ll be working enough this week for all of us ­čÖé

PS:62 – New Desk

Been a busy day, a lot of things getting done, still not as many as I’d like but I needed a bigger desk. Too many projects and a TINY little desk. Doesn’t work.

After looking around online folks said the “Door Desk” was good, the original idea was from my parents and low and behold after some Googling, I found some good suggestions and in the end went with two sawhorses, and a 32×80 door. Works AWESOME.

Love having the storage galore again! Work beckons again but nice to have the space again!


PS:58 – Crash and Burn

So yesterday (the joy of Monday) I puked, passed out, and made the day a complete rest day. Oi.

I wandered off into one of my new favorite spots to try and get the time lapse stuff working on my Mac Book as haven’t gotten the Raspberry Pi where it can go headless regarding commands (have a few ideas in mind). I took and used Homebrew on the MB to get things rolling for a test, and after three times I got two brief videos (150-180 photos):

The second YouTube attempted to “help” improve upon the lighting as ISO settings went crazy, so need to find a better manual settings – but spent about an hour in cold and breezy weather. Not too shabby for a first run.

Today, though, easy going, taking on some tickets, new church hosting signup’s and, of course, Ms. Lilly Grace running around behind me and in 8 minutes I’ve promised her we’ll grab lunch – may eat at the park. Not sure. Few more things to wrap up then it’s off we go!

PS:57 – Fixing. Building. Solutions

The other night I sat recording video to find out that due to constraints of an FAT32 formatted SD Card concept when made, the camera only records up to 4GB, then cuts. So if you watch this video, you may see some cuts:

So I looked for a solution as I want to build this channel – I’ve made a whopping $0.09 ­čÖé but honestly I just enjoy the fresh air, beautiful sights, and time to pray.

The solution came by way of a birthday present, my Raspberry Pi. I’ve built it out as a camera controller using gPhoto as per a post on MakeUseOf (the post). Some things you should note if you find this post:

  • Camera Used: EOS Rebel T3
  • Connection: USB
  • Configuration: Enable HDMI Control (Only way it’d see the camera for some reason)
  • Lens Settings: Disable AF (Auto Focus) as the commands didn’t translate, looking for a fix.

I haven’t taken it out for a shooting yet, mainly because the Pi has become a huge part of my network as I’m using Pi-Hole to manage my DNS and stop Ads. I am looking at a Pi Zero or Pi 3 for photography, that combined with my 10k battery, I think it should last long enough to control the camera and take a time lapse or two. Weather allowing would be an impressive sight with bright colors and big greens lately, but then long-term maybe some sunset’s and sunrises, not to mention a good breezy day, possibilities are endless!

Now the camera wasn’t the old thing I managed to sort out this weekend. Local Weather guy who will remain nameless gave me a laptop to try and fix, and sadly the drive was completely failed, and he said I could keep it as I requested. I had this project in mind since it hit the tech sites again the ability to take older laptop tech and make a Chromebook. So I did.

Thanks to Neverware┬áI have a laptop with a 120GB SSD running ChromeOS with no real fuss. Granted it’s not an “official” one, but it pulled in my profile and set my Lilly wallpaper and downloaded ALL of my plugins and apps from my Chromebook Profile. Quite nice!

I don’t think long-term I’m going to keep it, going to kick the tires a bit, but then find it a new home. College Student, Writer, Someone looking for a no-fuss laptop. As long as after kicking the tires it doesn’t just fail or go nuts, I’ll clear it, and make it ready for someone else likely on the cheap or free to a good home, time will tell.

Well, that’s my writing for the day as this week is slated to be n-u-t-s. Throw in a time change hitting hard, Going to do my best to stay upright. Have a good week all.

PS:56 – Things are BIG

Sometimes I don’t realize what I host. I think “Oh this is just” and I don’t go much further than that.

Well, I am trying to have an insanely lazy day, so I went over to Amazon to see if anything on Prime looked good to fall asleep. Amazon tells me “Listen to this new album by “customer domain” – apparently this client I helped has a relatively large following, and well – wow.

I’ve done projects over the years for BigIdea, Various Bands, Products, Games, Movies, etc. I never really put together the insane size, I am just given a project, a budget, and told “Go forth man, build!” and I do!

So cool to see things I’ve had my hand in, fixing, hosting, making, etc. for customers and see that these are sites that have a big effect. Who knows maybe one day one of my projects will hold this sort of coverage and size! I can hope!

PS:55 – The Weekend

For most the weekend is that time where you relax, spend time with family, do things around the house and maybe if funds allow – venture out!

However for me, I don’t have a traditional weekend. A lot of it is catching up on sleep. Occasionally something fun, but the majority? Rest. Okay and some work sprinkled in.

Things in life are never easy. The dream of a weekend is something that’d be nice, but, for instance, today things on my docket:

  • Rest
  • Cleaning
  • Domain issue with a long time customer
  • Fixing a Laptop
  • Customer Requests/Issues
  • Hydrating
  • Admin Job (still waiting on full time)
  • I’d say drone, but not sure that’ll happen (the weather)

Non-stop. I am trying to knock things down and get my to-do list down to a manageable level. Sadly when work crops up, I can’t say no, because No means “We’ll find someone else” – the joys of a self-owned business. I used to joke Tim was my boss, but sadly I have over 200 bosses who at anytime can come calling.

Even yesterday I got an email which at first glance seemed like a loss of business, however – it’s growth. In 3 weeks I have a migration for a┬ásizeable local customer which leaves very little (read: none) area for error. So in 3 weeks I’m not going to be resting again lol.

Today I am going to do as much as I can to simplify things here around the computer – I am going to knock things down while finishing up the work, then hopefully a long, long, long, long nap. Got to get this old body some rest before it gives out.

Hope everyone reading is well. Keep on praying for me; I really need it.