PS:94 – Insomnia

My sleep has been so inconsistent lately. One night I can crash out, the next I see the sun coming up.

Now part of that I do blame Lilly for, one night I was nearly asleep, but then my beautiful little girl’s teeth started hurting, and while I was able to get her to sleep – me? Not so much.

Hoping this current round of painful teething ends soon.

In other news, migration on Friday hardware came in, wrapping it up tonight and tomorrow. Praying next migrated account goes better than the last batch!

PS:93 – Big Work Push

Taxes off my plate is a HUGE relief, but sadly I can’t play forever! (Though I so wish I could!) My day started with a fussy kiddo, not feeling good at all (teething again). I tried distraction and a drive, she did fair and then blew up all over PizzaRev.

I will say this hands down – PizzaRev on Stockdale is amazing. They cleaned up everything short of me, offered to clean up the table so we could get back to food, but as Lilly did not have it at all and felt bad, I thanked them and headed out. They were awesome. My pizza was all boxed up and delicious, but sadly I was covered in teething puke.

Lilly fell asleep on the drive home, and yes I made a stop @ Costco for Gas! But she slept to the house, and then for a while longer. Poor baby.

I, of course, got back to work, hit some tickets I had started before we left since customers had replied. I have been staging the big migrations I have this weekend for Church & Grace, two servers needing a change of location. Church’s hardware is live already for replacement, now waiting on Grace.

I wish I could get a break in here, but I want to get things back on track, if I can get this migration done solidly I can hopefully get back on track, I am still waiting for word back on a job offer, if it comes in that’d be insanely awesome.

Plenty of other projects on the horizon, more on that soon! Just put in 3 hours of work solidly debugging sites, migrating customers, ordering software licenses, etc. hope to be in bed by 2 am at the latest, but been a wild day, but went a lot more smoothly without so much hanging stress, and hopefully I’ll keep knocking it all down.

PS:91 – Nearly Done

This has been the most stressful month on record. Something has to change.

Nearly done with taxes, just have to plug everything in, and pray that it all pans out. Just so tired of finances, really why can’t we just all owe X dollars for X Earned. I’m so good with that!

My body has nearly had it though with all this stress, so going to bed, waking up early, hoping Lilly sleeps in then digging into the final stretch, making out 2 checks for the state LLC filing and LLC  min tax, then I want to do a few hours of tickets then maybe a movie! Something. I need a break.


PS:87 – Some sleep…

Last night was a rough night.  Just a lot of pain. Ended up passing out with the kid, woke up a 2:30am, managed to keep her asleep close up the windows and crawl into my own bed, and we both slept hard. Busy day ahead. First order of business? Food.

Taxes and tickets are the mode of the day, hoping to wrap taxes up quickly, already have a majority of the ground work laid as I keep a spreadsheet or two that help from previous years, just time to put it all together! Hoping to have a weekend that is a lot easier than last and much more relaxed.

PS:85 – Getting Creative

I love being creative. I do it with IT all the time! Create a fix, create a solution, create a working product.

Lately, though my artistic side is wanting to come out more and more. The drone is a huge element of that, my camera, getting out there and capturing the world. I have a ton of photos now that this site has had an upgrade or two, I want to upload more photos, avoiding social media sites for now on the element of posting out there, then worrying about copyright and such.

I too want to explore making things – the 3D Printer is a huge part of that push. Make a toy for Lilly, replace a broken piece of something, cookie cutters, random gadgets for an Etsy store! Yes, my creativity can be a touch of profit, most of it would likely be simple enough just to go back into the pot for creativity.

After taxes, and I pay Ceaser what he is due. I am going to look seriously at the 3D Printer, even looked at BestBuy while shopping for a mouse, their only expensive option is small compared to what I am looking at now, but their 3D Scanner… might require a long-term investment 😀