PS:135 – Power Outages Again?!

I set up shop with a data center years ago called D. Now D is a fair enough company, they had older-ish hardware at a decent price point, some great sales deals I worked out due to some servers, and it was okay for the most part, till D had a power outage.

Now as a data center you don’t normally think power outage unless it’s been days on generator, natural disaster, that sort of thing – like the old EV1 days when Texas had some serious weather and various issues, but this – never makes sense.

Well after earlier this year having a multi-day outage, I moved a majority of my assets off-site, left the remainder in an OpenVZ configuration behind to function fair enough until today. 10 minute outage, but to get every VE on the node back online about a 45 minute window of outage during the middle of the day, and the cause? Power outage.

So I’ve already been in talks with 2 other companies regarding hardware to build my OpenVZ into a LARGE system vs. two smaller, and another company I manage wants to merge two of their VE’s into a phsyical server (as we did with 2 others of theirs a month or so ago).

So busy week is ahead for me, but I’m still dragging and trying to feel better and feel rested, so far hasn’t come – but thankfully Lilly is feeling much better! Ms. Energy! So off I go to get the ball rolling on hardware requests.

PS:133 – 3DP Update

While I don’t have a ton of time to print lately – between sick, needing sleep, and other things on-going, I don’t have time to level the print bed (which never stays level) I did manage to get two test prints from ProtoPasta:

2016-05-30 08.25.23

Two happy guys, playing with settings, and when things were lined up only some minor hiccups which I think are related to extrusion values, but as it was said the Wanhao is a “tinkers dream” so having replaced the mainboard now and gotten a print or three solid, still some work to-do.

Today I have a thought for a drone flight I may try to squeeze in, getting some of the largest flags here in town in a flyby or two, but work and exhaustion may play a part in that likely not happening.

PS:127 – The Day doesn’t stop!

Since I woke up around 6:55am today the day has not really stopped too much. Seems like calls, trips to KAXL for some work on what turned out to be a dead monitor, some web work, server work, trip to the bank, I’d like a break for Target, but it’s already late and the kid was OUT when I got home.

Monday’s. That’s all it is. My Monday tends to set the tone for the week. Oi, this week is going to be a rough one. Hopefully, the weekend will surprise me with something better, maybe a large Russian woman will attempt to break up all the stress in my back! or I’ll get to take a nap!

Time will tell. I did get some parts in today for the 3D Printer, some M3 nuts which are said to make my bed more stable and level, of course I have to use them bare for now, then print the wheels once I get the bed leveled (but not sure why I’d need them then) LOL we shall see, again first all the work must get done, more hours ahead of me. Back to it!

PS:126 – Wanhao Sadness

When I started out on the idea of getting a 3D Printer I read reviews, I looked around, wanted a good balance in price/quality/build area – and the reviews from most were the Wanhao Duplicator i3 was the go to printer; it had price, quality, and decent build area compared to others.

Sadly so far my own review is not fairing so well. I’ve hit just about every problem imaginable, I’ve tried throwing a few fixes folks say but then you run into the discussions where one group say “It’s this” and another say “Oh it’s that” personally? I’m starting to think it’s a lemon, or just poorly build where it’s expected the user simply will rebuild it piece by piece.

For now I’m waiting on very slow tech support from the USA branch of Wanhao, I’ve got a thread going on the user group, and I’ve just really with as exhausted as I am, not finding it fun to tinker, was hoping to just create – so thinking sadly things may just sit for a while.

For now, I am going to finish what I can on a server conversion, and go from there.