PS:135 – Power Outages Again?!

I set up shop with a data center years ago called D. Now D is a fair enough company, they had older-ish hardware at a decent price point, some great sales deals I worked out due to some servers, and it was okay for the most part, till D had a power outage.

Now as a data center you don’t normally think power outage unless it’s been days on generator, natural disaster, that sort of thing – like the old EV1 days when Texas had some serious weather and various issues, but this – never makes sense.

Well after earlier this year having a multi-day outage, I moved a majority of my assets off-site, left the remainder in an OpenVZ configuration behind to function fair enough until today. 10 minute outage, but to get every VE on the node back online about a 45 minute window of outage during the middle of the day, and the cause? Power outage.

So I’ve already been in talks with 2 other companies regarding hardware to build my OpenVZ into a LARGE system vs. two smaller, and another company I manage wants to merge two of their VE’s into a phsyical server (as we did with 2 others of theirs a month or so ago).

So busy week is ahead for me, but I’m still dragging and trying to feel better and feel rested, so far hasn’t come – but thankfully Lilly is feeling much better! Ms. Energy! So off I go to get the ball rolling on hardware requests.

PS:133 – 3DP Update

While I don’t have a ton of time to print lately – between sick, needing sleep, and other things on-going, I don’t have time to level the print bed (which never stays level) I did manage to get two test prints from ProtoPasta:

2016-05-30 08.25.23

Two happy guys, playing with settings, and when things were lined up only some minor hiccups which I think are related to extrusion values, but as it was said the Wanhao is a “tinkers dream” so having replaced the mainboard now and gotten a print or three solid, still some work to-do.

Today I have a thought for a drone flight I may try to squeeze in, getting some of the largest flags here in town in a flyby or two, but work and exhaustion may play a part in that likely not happening.