PS:165 – Tires.

So I went by to order my tires, and they said: “We have them in stock, want them now?” – Sure. So I have a fresh set of tires on the truck, clean alignment. One more thing off the to-do list, also had some meetings regarding some long-term work, going to try and get quotes and such together. Busy busy busy. Did get to wander Target for nearly 1.5 hours lol but no complaints from Lilly what-so-ever, it’s her favorite store in the world.


PS:164 – Tacos & Bolts

Sounds good, right? Well, lunch seemed like a good idea before my meeting, however, while wrangling Lilly I got a lap full of Taco – so with no time to change, taco shorts were my outfit of choice for a CC processing machine & website talk with a customer. LOL at least I smelled like Del Taco!

I went to quick meeting but got there too late another customer had come in, so have a meeting tomorrow.

Rushed home to change the taco shorts, and heard a “THUNK” then drums in perfect time “tap, tap, tap, tap” the bolt.  The tire was “super close” according to the kind folks of Big-O tire, they are my current choice for replacement as they are about on-par with Costco, right around the corner, can have them by Friday it sounds like, get aligned and be on my way. Four tires, for the truck at $529.91 (gulp) not fun, but needs to be done.

Trips are coming have Sunday to a quick stay at the beach, back on the 4th (yes one day!) but then the following week at least Thursday/Friday at the lake celebrating my parents anniversary. So a lot of work to do, little time to do it, two projects in the pipeline which I did some work on tonight, but I have another bit of searching to do for one website layout.

The other is a nearly two-week programming gig which should bring in some decent money, and the meeting tomorrow may bring a big job, migration, and more. Oi. So busy busy busy.

For now, hotel booked, super tired, kiddo already asleep – I’m off to join her, as I’m just not functioning anymore! Night all.

PS:163 – Tuesday.

Why is it that my Tuesday feels like a Monday? Let’s hope Wednesday is better than Tuesday! Just has been a busy busy busy busy week! Launch of WordPress Hosting, Jonah all on the Flock Side of things, similar functionality will be had on the TN side of things too.

For now, final bits of work, then sleep.

PS:162 – Jonah is Born

So with mail issues becoming more and more a concern for a bulk of my FlockHosters I needed a more stable solution for mail. It needed to be something outside of the shared world, only “shared” in this setup is other customers, but not shared with outdated and exploited apps.

Looking forward to this new 3TB beast hosting at least 100 customers, that could mean still a few hosts per customer, but all in all, this setup should help those having problems email a little easier and then move WordPress installs and such to a smart host or have customers sign-up for Railgun or similar transactional email service.

For now, Jonah is SSL’d on all services, start moving folks in tomorrow.

PS:161 – Growth

This has been a very productive weekend. Very.

  • New Mail Server Picked Out, waiting on Hardware (3TB of Storage!)
  • New Hosting Method for WordPress (Very snappy!)
  • New FlockHosting & Thrust Networks Websites (same design, different logos)

Getting there, hoping this week is mellow-ish, however I don’t think it will be, but busy is good, I think.

PS:160 – Tired.

This day lasted and I still am not any closer to a wide deployment of a mail server – tired. Sleepy. I did manage to sort out my issue with my i3, it was the extruder replacement, I forgot on the wood filament I dialed it back to PLA friendly and I have it printing another handy add-on for my desk (Laptop Stand).

This night is continuing, had a lot of pain today, aches and pains – this week I need to just accomplish a lot of things, do some homework, and get things rolling to get my school stuff in order and products for customers rolling too.

Making a new site for FlockHosting & Thrust Networks going to be the basic same look, just slap a logo on each, so I can have a functional set of information on each – lots to do, and not a ton of free time ever to do it. Tired.

PS:159 – Day that won’t end.

Today has been non-stop. Go go go. I’ve tried to get my Duplicator i3 printing in the process of the day but I am not sure what is exactly wrong, it’s printing really sloppy, no matter how fine tuned I try to make it – just bleh.

I’m researching a big project for email, and it’s slow going, my original plan is no-good, but looking at a few alternatives, just wish something had a plugin for cPanel so I could replace the current panel options with something API based to interact with a mail server not the built in.

On I go, going to be a late night.

PS:158 – Never Ending Yay!

The thing with running your own business is quite simply – busy is good! However, it can become tiresome. I have a DC I’m moving away from because honestly? I’m tired of the outages and blips and overall just sluggish response.

For years I had very few issues, now and again there would be an outage, but honestly? Never as bad as with this company. I sometimes wish that company was the same still, however like many, they change the management team; awesome support crew moves on. Oi.

August is coming, and as we enter that last half of the year, looking forward to hopefully some growth items, as well as overall just ease as I move final hardware this week into another data center. Back to it!

PS:157 – Same old thing.

And here we are, another day of the same old same old. Wish I had 10 hours of sleep like Lilly, she’s a champ! She’s sleeping right now, I’m taking a minor break from server work – about to get back to it and work on a few things, but started the 3D Printer going too, currently going to print a iPad Speaker tweak that cups the speaker and points it forward so I don’t have to cup it to hear it.

Hoping Thursday is a better day overall.