PS:145 – Printing Again? Yup.

After much work to get hardware sorted, I picked up a Zebra Print Surface which has helped leveling the bed a bit because its solid, its flat, and well so far so good! Good stick, no more glue!

I also picked up the Flexion Extruder, which is meant to do more “exotic” filaments but honestly? It’s awesome! Loving it so far! I’ll have a sample few prints to post up here on Monday, but for now back to TFH as I finish up things, prepping to a first article for Monday, and likely tomorrow a form on the site for asking questions!

Back to work!

PS:144 – Launch? Yes?

It’s not perfect, nor will it likely ever be exactly what I want it to be (perfection is a journey!) so off we go.

I’m looking to launch TFH finally, no ads, no sponsorship; just Amazon links to gear, honest reviews, honest solutions, not just “Here’s a fix! Buy this from Amazon because I searched and it came up!” Nope! If it’s something I recommend, it’ll be something I’ve used/own.

For now going to try and be in bed before 2 am, or so is my goal, but for now, I think I’ve made some good headway, the theme works, room for growth later, but for now – a site is born.

Rebrand I think looks good over the old gear layout:


I would grab a t-shirt with the little guy on it 😀

PS:142 – What Next?

I keep asking myself that. I’m exhausted, and it seems more and more things keep cropping up. I was put on a project a while back; then it has gone silent. I was offered a job; then it never moved forward. I was offered ANOTHER job, and it too has just fizzled.

Not sure what is next, but lately I am just trying to move forward and get something rolling because I honestly feel like I am in a rut. Same ol same ol, nothing new.

I did get the 3D Printer up and running some, seems settings/software is one of the big issues – I say this as I did purchase Simplify 3D hoping to have it live up to the hype. Somewhere something has gone wrong, still have hope for the software just need to reach out to their support and see if help can be had. How I know something is wrong is I finally sat down, re-leveled the bed, and made two files, one Gcode from Cura, the other S3D – Cura print, perfect. Smooth, solid. What I’ve wanted! S3D? Not so much. It ate into the print; the raft was weak, something in my settings must be wrong somewhere.

All in all, a lot on my mind. 3D Printing could have some $$$ attached to it; a few folks have asked if I could print things. I’m going to look into craft fair/farmers markets – maybe split it with my cousin who’s an amazing sew’r makes some cool stuff!

TechFriendly Help is on my docket too – I’ve been considering just starting it off as it’s own blog vs. this magazine format I’ve had in my head, and then lean heavily on Social Media & projects that come across my desk to help folks with and make an article out of it. I still have a lot of ideas which I could roll out into the blog over time, but for now, I just feel like I need to GO!

Soon I hope to go to bed. Well, at least I can dream I will go to bed soon.

PS:141 Monday.

Monday’s are never easy. Fresh schedule this week as it is summer break and thus means the Mrs. has her few months break from teaching the future minds of Merica. So a new mix up of time, may not be the final schedule for summer, but it’s a start.

Writing is short lately, tired. Been pondering some video recording for FH, and starting off walking vs. running fro TFH, really just grow it with some Q&A and get it rolling, sounds workable. Right?

PS:137 – 20+ Servers

So as I posted earlier in #135, the data center I’ve been using for a few years has had issues. It’s located in Atlanta and with summer month’s coming I’m weary about power. To that end, I’ve got 2 bits of hardware ordered which will replace not one but two VPS servers into one HUGE server.

I originally considered just making it out and building two again, but then after looking at things, 2 was the better option, as the accounts on this server are not heavy hitters, more light-weight email servers, and a few minor shared hosting servers.

So with that said there are over 20 servers which need to be migrated to new hardware and in a new data center. Now there are a few tools which are supposed to help make this easy, and to some degree, sure thing – easy, but then you must bear in mind DNS, IP Switches, TB’s of data to move, not GB or MB, but TB. The never ending worry of customer IP caching sucks too.

I hoped this would be ready for Friday, but let’s be honest, I’m going to set it for next weekend, sleep and rest up this weekend and ensure the hardware is golden, make some test runs and have a solid plan on this process ready to go for a mid-week reminder to clients.

Thankfully one such move is super easy, the migration of cPanel boxes, fairly simple – of course some folks who do external DNS always a hangup lately. All in all, I hope it will go super smoothly, tonight my test is creating a dummy VPS and moving it to another. Fingers crossed.

Another thing been working on RBL’s and getting them cleared, upgraded my subscription to a service to do checks nightly for all servers against URI and IP based lists – tells me with my pre-purchased credits over 700 days of checks, that’s almost two years of service with the current server list! Woot! So things are in motion, a lot going on, hate spending money, but better to spend it, fix it all and have a business, then things going south quickly and creating a loss of money at all!

For now going to get a few more things done here, and then hopefully crash out long enough before my 11 AM call.