PS:227 – Growing

Working hard to grow some numbers on the business. I’ve seen some increased sales on Servers (+1) and on Shared Hosting (+2) yes it is slow.  Thus I am going to try and fix up websites, get some marketing, and get some ad time, too – hoping it’ll help.

For now, this ol body is complaining it needs sleep, so going to give it a little then be ready to hit the floor running tomorrow and get things done!

PS:226 – Hurting

Having a bit of pain lately, back is outta wack, shoulder too. Trying to shut down before midnight tonight, so far not sure if that’ll happen but going to give it a wack.

Been trying to get a lot of work done and off my plate, got an approval on a project, have a few things in the tube waiting, last task of the night? re-write my to-do withe what’s on the plate, estimated # of items? 115. Oi. Night.

PS:224 – Pain, Can’t Sleep, Build a business?

Insomnia has of late been one of my best friends in the whole wide world! (please note sarcasm)

I was awake so attacked a server issue for a new customer, in the process got another problem from another customer and the vicious cycle continues – part of it too is I can’t get comfortable. Achy. Hurting. Not fun. So I’ve been distracting myself, I got a few supplies on Amazon to tune up the 3D printer, as I am hoping maybe to make a few bucks printing out props for people for Halloween Costumes! Oh, but I didn’t stop there…

One of the things I’ve been printing is keychains I made for FlockHosting, got about 10 or so thus far, and they’ve come out REALLY nice, one set of 4 is wood! But I want to really get some goodies for FlockHosting as I want to make a BIG push the last half of the year, have been picking up customers here or there, and I figure let’s get some gear to give away, and too I want to make some stuff in a store of which helps fund Church Hosting, so lots to do there, hoping this week to wrap up a website project, 2 migrations for other clients (once approved) and maybe, just maybe find time to sleep, fix up, write a script for a FlockUpdate for September, and maybe see about some time on the radio to maybe give me a push 🙂

I’ve also looked at Pens, Hats, Shirts, Bags, Frisbee’s, etc. I did find a cool deal on stickers – so giving that a try, they’ll be in on the 9th – but want to make a REAL effort this year, and to expenses on advertising never hurt either 🙂

I’m also beefing up some software and design tools, not investing much in the way of funds, but there is one theme package which is having an INSANE deal. No yearly renewal, but it comes with a $500 price tag, but unlike others I’ve got a hand in, I won’t pay anything at renewal. Which with what this set of themes offers, an insanely amazing deal! I have till Tuesday to decide, and if a few payments come in, I may take the plunge because the investment would possibly bring in more funds as well as it’s some GREAT site tools and designs.

Been making a Wiki for my design firms, haven’t told them yet, but I’ve been hitting the problem that customers who’ve been with me a long time know what I have to offer. Some are afraid to say “Hey Chuck, can you do XYZ?” and end up going elsewhere because no sense in asking me, this place came up in google! So working to eliminate that with some good old fashioned information! Giving them all a rundown of what I have, what I can do – maybe pull in a few more goodies. I mean this weekend alone pulled in a nice KVM server I built out,the customer has already seen a 15x increase in performance (Gotta love SSD!) so honestly, telling one customer “I can do that” landed a sale. I like sales.

I’m getting tired, writing always helps to relax me, haven’t brought the journal app over just yet to the Hackintosh, but I do need to get back in the habit of journaling – going to take an Advil and try going to sleep, maybe if the pain dies down I can get a few hours in before the day wakes me up.

PS:223 – Hackintosh is Stable-ish!

I’m still trying to sort out what’s causing the issues, but I think that the big problem? Wireless driver isn’t perfect. While the signal says “Er Yeah, we’ve got a signal!” it may just have been interference & distance. So now (for lack of a better solution) facing the antenna’s from my wireless card are now facing sideways lol. So far? Zero network issues (well aside from the fact this thing sleeps on me.

This has made it a LOT easier to work, something about Mac’s that are so memory hungry that 32GB of ram is fantastic to throw at things like iMovie for FlockUpdates and too Virtualizing Windows 8.1, Ubuntu at the same time! Still want to bring over my old Windows XP and Windows 7 virtuals too, may do a few Mac versions (not sure) but been doing some support lately for various Operating systems so having a few on hand has been awesome.

Overall while this is great? I’m exhausted. Week after week of non-stop, really taking a toll. Even weekends aren’t restful. I can’t escape or change the stresses, they are just there. For now I finish up the server tasks ahead of me, as I’m at 80% compiled now, going to go stage the next 2 things that will follow this one. I need rest.

PS:221 – Back in Business

So the hackintosh is back, worked most of the day on the laptop, meant a few lags, few minor issues, but at the end of the day the following things have occurred:

  • Hackintosh Network Issue SOLVED! For whatever reason, Google Drive was causing it to loop, was watching as it booted as soon as Google Drive tried to sync? NETWORK FAIL! Removed Google Drive, I’ll just add Expandrive and ditch the native Google & Dropbox clients for now.
  • Got a new customer it seems, still not 100% sure, I got the “He’s good to go!” and folks seem positive but have yet to see money, customer info, etc. So we shall see.

The day is nearly wrapped up but honestly, with a big screen, I’ve gotten a lot done, been about an hour or so since the fix, so we’ll see what the night brings. Super tired. Still pondering the future of the blog.

PS:220 – Midweek is Here. Work More.

So just as things are starting to heat up, boom. Hackintosh FAIL! Okay not a complete fail, system runs, but I have two key issues:

  • Audio Doesn’t Survive Sleep
  • Networking has stopped.

Not really sure what’s gone wrong, Networking wasn’t a problem earlier, but something has gone sideways. 🙁 Took up most of my work time this evening, still isn’t working, shutting it off and going back to work on the wonky laptop.

PS:219 – No mad rush!

I’ve put out a few quotes since last week, and unlike the last time, not a huge downpour of acceptance. So I’ve still got one or two which need to be done, tomorrow will mark hopefully the start & finish one other quote that was outstanding and after last week told the customer I’d start this week, so going to wrap it up and get it online.

Playing with other site ideas. Not sure. Still tired. Sleep before 4? I hope so.

PS:218 – Monday?

Best plans never go the way they should. Monday has gone fair, getting caught up more, the Todo shrank a little, but sadly grew some too. Picked up a project which never in the past has been done, it’s at least 6 years in the making (if not more) I got a customer to update away from ancient software that had been hacked one too many times. Woot!

Pondering the blog’s continued existence. Make it more professional? Maybe a resume site?