PS:216 – Tired. Got sleep, but still exhausted.

Sometimes I wonder why my body puts up with me, seems like without fail I run it long hours, and it keeps working. Last night I was going to take a cat-nap, and in turn ended up some 12 hours of sleep under my belt, plus then took a nap in the afternoon about 3 hours. I feel worse. I think I may be sick to boot.

Stress and a HUGE to-do have been a companion for a few weeks, throw in working late after a day of watching a kiddo. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid. I do – work has just been piling up, and that’s not even taking into account the projects I’ve considered investing into as alternative revenue streams – for instance some things I’d love to do vs. the day-in-day-out work I’ve got now?

This site would be an awesome revenue option, if I could find a continual writing schedule which would be easier than juggling Lilly while on a call for work (she’s awesome and loves to read her books as I talk) but if I just had to research and write? I could read with her or read her my babble 😉 but the site would be a possible revenue stream – not maybe as much as a 40 hour project re-working someone’s core website – I’d love the more solid time with my daughter, but a job is a job, and I have to make money to support my family.

3D Printing

This one I’ve started printing a few things, a few folks have even said they’d give me money for printing – even the gal at the UPS store said “Give me the link to your Etsy Store!” – if I did at least 3 days of printing a week I could have some amazing stuff like this:

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Anyone want a key chain? Yellow printing now!

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Keychains! It would be awesome to get things going, but I can only calibrate my MP Mini’s which don’t have huge print volume, I’m trying right now to get my Wanhao Duplicator i3 working, but it’s continually failing over a certain height 🙁 Going to reach out to support, they’ve replaced the main board, but at this point dedicated small prints are what I have, and even that – that could be money, and with a 1-20 hour window during printing, leaves more time for other things too!

Design Work

I still dabble in print design now and again, but honestly as of late its not there, and even that in the hour or two after Lilly crashes I could do it, feel like I’m an artist again, and get a lot of things in progress.

Reality though sinks in…

I’m a dad. I’d love to have all these projects running at full speed, but as it stands, I’m making a fair living, supporting my kiddo, she has food has clothes and a place to live. I love so many other areas of my life, but not as much as I get being a dad. It was once said to me “Chuck Brown being a dad means something is right with the world.” I agree. I have always wanted to be a dad. I am blessed with an amazing little girl. She’s smart, mischievous, silly, and lovable, amazing little girl who I always get amazing comments about as she tromps around like the world is her’s. It will be.

Maybe it means a tech site is on hold with 1.5 articles, maybe instead of a 3D printer she gets a potty, instead of designing someone else something I make my daughter something beautiful as she is, I do what I do to provide her an amazing life, just have to find a good balance for keeping up on those dreams, and also making sure I don’t miss too many moments of her growing into an amazing young little lady! <3

PS:215 – 1k, No Sleep, Attacks, Did I already say no sleep?

It’s Friday. Wait. That doesn’t really apply to me. Doh!

It has been a rough week. Attacks on-going, a to-do list that gets knocked down only to grow, a 1k project dropped in my lap, 2 more migrations, low sleep (I mean its 4:21am at the moment) – a lot of things on-going for sure!

87 Tasks in this weeks to do. I’ve cleared about 30 of them, so really only 57 things left to do. But things MUST be better tomorrow, quote due beyond due, start on migration planning for the next week, have an impromptu one waiting on approval, Lilly has been awesome through it all at home working with Dad! She’s been hitting her board book collection (we got I think every pack Costco sold of Dr. Suse books, she loves Oh the thinks you can think, and to our BIG book compliments of our buddy Jon D. over in NZ!

Going to write one single email then head to bed! Hoping for a mellow day after all things turned in and maybe get that 57 up to 70 briefly then back down to at LEAST 30 if not lower before day’s end (please note day’s end = 11:59pm) Night all.

PS:213 – Nearly Working

So an update on the Hackintosh, some audio issues – which actually seem solved by adjusting some boot options, they aren’t set in stone, just this boot, but so far audio seems to be a tad more stable, camera is running smoothly, and not the same stutter I got on occasion, now if I could only remember what I took off 🙂 (I am tired)

Kiddo is asleep, she seemed to be feeling better, only 1-2 mini tantrums – looked at her as she screamed staring at me and said “Did you want to sleep down there?” she giggled and said “Noooooo” lol man I love this kiddo, she’s mid-tantrum and I ask her a basic question and she says no, smiles, gets up, helps me put away her toys (the reason she went down to the floor in the first place) and climbed up in bed ready to crash out. 🙂

But things are working better on the system, now if I could just catch-up this to-do, even tonight got another migration on the books it looks like a good 40 hour one, thankfully the last 3 migrations have mostly cooled, I do need to dig into some PHP tonight to help re-code a site that the move broke, but the code just was not safe as no matter the version of PHP I throw at it? Won’t work because security has improved and the customer coasted by on grace that their hosting company wasn’t a huge fan of upgrading PHP (because he knew it would break things) but thankfully now he’s on one of my boxes, newer PHP options, newer SQL, etc. just keep on improving.

So need to update my TaskPaper with a few new to-do’s already went through the list and closed out and collapsed the old ones. Felt good. Now to get the list updated and ready to go, have about 4 MUST do tonight’s. So off I go.

PS:212 – New WordPress

Looks like the WordPress update dropped on time, seems to run just fine. Going to give it a few days before I push it on Customers in WordPress Management, just to be sure plugin and theme folks have time to update to use/fix/etc. features in this new release.

Aside from that, been a mixed day, kiddo isn’t feeling too good, some serious teething and growing going, it’s 100F outside and she’s curled up in blankets a giant ball of sweat! I have a lot on my mind today, seems like I have a HUGE pile of work, and its just spread out over 4 to-do lists, and is really needing to be dialed in and accomplished, even more, I’ve done a lot today alone, but seems like there is always 3 more piles of things to do!

For now getting my writing in early, as it may be another rough night of achy/pain 🙁 we have a date with Target after her nap to get Tylenol/Advil for her pain (and we are out of milk for Mac and Cheese which is soft, warm and delicious!) 🙂

PS:211 – 3D Printing Week

I really want to find time to get my 3D Printer working. I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 however it has a new hiccup, it shifts. HUGE, I need to find some time to get things printed as I love the bigger volume, but it’s never been consistent. I’ve gotten maybe 6 quality prints out of it, rest failures 🙁 Now the MP Mini – smaller build volume – it has even printed with woodfil!

Aside from that really exhausted still, have a job app in for a server admin job, a lot of catch-up from the weekend, and I really could use a massage and a nap. For now going to crash out (I hope)

PS:210 – So much for sleep.

I can’t catch a break. Sleep is just not my friend. I’ve not really caught up nor have I finished all the work in-front of me because I’m so tired. I tried switching over to writing as an option to not be stressed over work, and get some content queued up – that was a fail. Wrote a big thing on secure coffee shop internet browsing, like many articles on TFH, nothing much to see yet.

I’m trying warm ramen noodles now, oh yes it’s awesome. 4 minutes delicious ramen from the microwave. I’m on my 2nd serving now as its made me a little sleepy, but not sure if it’ll bring me down.

Part of it is I just have too much on my mind lately, too much to do, and options for more to do that I’m not sure I want to dive into. The computer working issue has been a problem too, but thankfully after some tweaking and adjustments the hackintosh I’ve aptly named “Hackie” has been running a lot smoother, sorted out the hang-up issue with power saving mode – and going to re-work USB access for a set of speakers, and my two drives for backup/storage.

I hope to accomplish a lot this week, I’m pondering making a schedule and locking down time for various projects, not sure if it’ll help – but I have to find some way to get things working smoother, including a block of time to just RELAX or GET OUT – at least once a week if I can wing it, been pondering a drone flight, time lapse, or simply iPhone shooting – weather looks solid:

Image 2016-08-14 at 4.35.23 AM

Hopefully we dip down some, would be nice to not sweat as much as I don’t think any place in town can keep up with my drinking habits 🙂

Well microwave chimed, time to dig in to one last bowl then try to pull a Lilly as I’m heated up, goto sleep. (Works for her!) Night all.

PS:209 – I’m tired.

I think that at the end of Post Something (PS) that if I were to do a search for the words “I’m tired.” I think it’s going to be at least a 3rd of all my posts.

Image 2016-08-13 at 2.16.13 AM

The closest I can get to a similar configuration from Apple would be $3,470.10 – Thanks to the miracle of Amazon Prime (even speeding up shipping to 1 day) I paid: $833.17. And it works. Actually looking at a 3rd SSD (when one is on sale) to triple boot if I can wing it, Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, and El Capitan!

This day isn’t over, just taking a brief break as I dig into a server or three, so far speed has been amazing, hadn’t realized how laggy things were until I started rolling things out, I’ll get a few shots of it once I get things cleaned up as right now I rushed this in as the laptop was having issues – random reboots, lockups, app crashes, etc. So fresh feels good. Going lean-ish too not installing every app out there.

I hope to get in a little sleep this weekend, body has been hurting lately, just go go go, stress stress stress. Kidneys are having a rough time and limbs just don’t like pushing forward anymore. So for now, Goodnight. (I hope soon!)

PS:208 – The Hackintosh.

So why? I like to think different. 🙂

What did I get? Well for you few who may sneak in from time to time, here’s what I’m working with:

  • Thermaltake Core V1 Mini ITX Cube
  • Intel Boxed Core I5-6600K 3.50 GHz, 6 M Processor
  • Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 Mini-ITX DDR4 Motherboards GA-Z170N-Gaming 5
  • Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4 2400 DIMM 288-Pin – (Red)
  • Zalman CPU Cooler
  • ADATA Premier SP550 240GB 2.5 Inch SATA III
  • TP-LINK N900 2.4GHz or 5GHz

I have an idea on getting the Apple parts which will help with getting things like continuity and handoff , but basically an i5 3.5ghz processor, with 32GB of ram, nice case, good cooling, solid Wifi, and an always blazing SSD? Yes please.

All the parts are noted as shipped, should be here later today (yes I’m still awake, so it’s only a few hours into Today! But all things said and done, hoping it’ll be solid, too room for a few hard drives or SSD’s in which if I want to triple boot (Windows, Linux, Mac) I can 😀 So pretty jazzed about this, going to then clear off my MacBook, do one huge “see if it helps” clean install, but it honestly may just be time to retire it.

So far in my late night working I’ve gotten 1 site optimized a bit, a caching server setup, 4 email concerns sorted, renewed 3 SSL certificates, and worked on a new email filtering service I may deploy fleet wide (which would solve so many issues, and stop spam!) but I’ve still got a quote to write, sleep to get in, and praying that Lilly feels better in the AM, currently on sinus meds (Tiny cold tabs!) and teething tabs as she’s starting at it again (she just wants these teeth DONE!).

Brief break while compiling is over, back to work!