PS:247 – Must…

I’ve been asked many a time “How do you stay awake and functional even though you don’t sleep?” well honestly? I just have to, I must. I’ve stayed awake days, weeks, months in some cases because I must. Yes I said months, but I guess I simply compare it to that I don’t get an average week of sleep, or night, so for a month I may function on maybe 2-4 hours a night (at best) even as of late, sleep is minimal, there is work to be done.

Day two of this week and things are piling up, and yet I just really want to take a break. Being a dad, husband, business owner, takes a lot of your time. Never doing any of it exactly right, but doing my best! Occasionally I get to do something like fire-off something on the 3D Printer, I miss a functional piano, I have a keyboard but I’d love to get some praise and worship coming out of these fingers vs. just typing code, fixing WordPress, etc.

I do it, because I must.

PS:245 – Tired.

It has been a busy week/weekend/month/year – I’m tired. Still haven’t made any real schedule changes, though I really need to, just too busy, too much going on. Throw in the iPhone 7 has come out, I’m not sure if I want to re-up on my Forever iPhone option, but time will tell, may see what options I have, not sure they’ll let me go to the Plus, then again not sure I want the plus, but the dual cameras… this definitely has me interested.

Not been awake much today, hopefully, a trend I can keep until tomorrow.

PS:244 – No Sleep.

Migrations are not always a fun time. I’ve done probably well over a hundred in my time doing server work. Always something happens, someone doesn’t get the memo, etc. etc. Well tonight I wrapped up a 16+ hour migration of 431GB of data (and that was only in about 18 accounts!) helping level out some server resources, and 431GB free’d up from general drive storage in shared hosting, makes room for a LOT of happy customers no longer facing daemons claiming that 95% storage is a full drive.

Tonight I am trying to wind down, can’t really seem to do it. I’ve considered going on a walk, a drone flight, something. Something not digital, something outside of these walls – however? Too tired. Been awake for too many hours, head hurts, body hurts.

I did run the printer a few times, have a 3D Printed vase, only catch? It’s not water tight (aka it leaks) so tomorrow I may try sealing it up and such with some primer I picked up. I just really want to have a chill day. Wake up after noon, maybe at best clean a little and then just try to have a clear head and rested body for the week ahead.

For now. Finishing up some DNS checks, eating some soft food, and trying to wind down for sleep, but not sure that’s going to happen anytime soon, but I hope I’m wrong!

PS:240 – Girl in the Pillows

Currently, a little girl who decided 1:30am was a good time to get up has finally gone back to sleep and is buried in the pillows. She’s a goof, I laid down and kept her company for a bit – she wanted a snack thus we ate a Lunchable – and by ate it, she ate the turkey and cheese 🙂

It has been a rough couple of days. It’s nearly 4:30am, I’ve solved 3 problems, got a massive headache from the system swap of weather (I can feel it, need to take some Tylenol soon as it is painful, but working through it best I can.

Few things I want to get a leg up on since I’m up, hoping to be in bed by 6am. Hopefully, Tuesday will be a day of improvement.