PS:284 – Today’s the Day!

Today’s a migration day, well the next 3-5 days I’d imagine will be part of the migration – and for once? This isn’t about servers. Migration to a new home, time for an upgrade in space and today at 11am I get the keys! Pretty jazzed, to theĀ internet will be installed between 4-6pm so hope to have the office migrated tonight and online if possible, but unless an insanely productive afternoon and quick internet install, kind of doubting I’ll be sleeping there tonight – but if there’s a bed there’s a way šŸ˜€

Looking forward to building out the office a bit, still want to save up for the FreeNASĀ build, want to look at maybe converting back to a standing desk at some point, and maybe even for once decorating my office a bit.

Should be an adventure over the next few months for sure. For now, kiddo is still asleep, going to try and get some things slowly packed up, going to disconnect the TV today and get things all ready to go to move it – I am thinking that after I get the keys, about going to Costco and getting two of the big tubs which are awesome and a shelving unitĀ for the garage to hold the tubs as some are here already and simply storage – but would be nice to have them off the ground.

Again going to be a journey for sure over the next few months.

PS:283 – Workin Late (Story of my life!)

It has been a busy day, and a busy night. So far I’ve done the following (not the complete list but a chunk of it)

  • Stopped a spammer
  • Rebuilt a customer project from scratch (few things to fix still, but not sure if the customer will be happy)
  • Sorted a customer email issue.
  • Learned a lot about a piece of software I own!
  • Got a little girl to sleep (she was still hungry!)
  • Setup for a meeting at 1 tomorrow.
  • Checked on Shipments!
  • and much much more!

Tomorrow I have a few things I want to get accomplished, including if I can wing it make it out to the radio station with this spare drive to copy some files and see if I can do a clean install of Windows 10 after the fact.

Busy week continues!

PS:281 – My daughter is amazing!

This little girl has an amazing heart. I know she’s 2, but leave me alone I’m going to love her my entire life without a doubt. She knew I was tired and when I put her down for a nap today, she looked at me at patted on bed saying “dada” – I had planned to work on a few things that need doing, but she knew I was tired.

Fast forward to bedtime, started to work, and she did it again with a BIG grin however this time “dada nap” well with an offer like that – how can I say no to that? Good night.