PS:306 – I’m not old, I’m 37.

What a month. Heck what a year.

I’ve decided I really don’t want to do anything for my birthday. I’m tired. I’m achy. I’m just not in the “celebration” mood. Tomorrow will just be another day. Lots of work likely. I mean if I can wing it and not loose too many hours, I’d love to rest, no house work, no cooking, no major responsibilities, just zone out.

I already got my best gift yet:

Awesome right? Lilly got it for me, she and I have been at Target lately and we looked through LED lights for outside, and she remembered and told her mom that I needed the red one 🙂

Tired. About 2 hours of work (if not more!) then it’s time for bed.

PS:305 – Friday’s are good right?

One thing that never fails in the 15+ years I’ve been doing this whole “Web Hosting” game I’m in is Friday’s for me? Tend to be work days that make work-weekends.

Never fails as 5PM draws near, I get the pile of projects. As it stands this is my 1AM break which allows me to clear my head before I head into a big server data swap + server build + software debug for customers.

I need a break, and I know Tuesday is on my radar if I can wing it for a “break” not sure entirely what that will be, but it will be hopefully at the very least semi-relaxing. Why Tuesday? It’s the 28th.

Sometimes I forget I’m going to be 37. How time flies. My birthday the last 10 years or so has been something of reflection more than celebration, so who knows what Tuesday will bring. I may just drive up the hill and chill, or maybe a nap? Time will tell.

My break is done. Time to get back to it. sigh I miss being a kid with no responsibilities.

PS:304 – Really? That’s 2 months?

How is it that here we are with nearly 2 months out of the year already?! I wish it was something more exciting to show for it thus far but really, it’s another month of exhaustion, stress, and a 2.5 year old who believes everything is hers! (Okay okay.. it is! But don’t tell her!)

Got the last of the my tax forms I think, still find it funny that some companies do give me a 1099, others don’t. Varies on the companies, but since being a LLC I get fewer, that’s nice, but I’d like to have taxes done and sorted by mid-march, likely going to have to do quarterly starting this year possibly, don’t want to. But should.

If I trusted an accountant, I’d go that route, but I can’t say any other businesses in town that have given me great confidence in an accountant, but maybe it’s the year to look into it and maybe even find someone outside of town who’s familiar with my industry who can really help chisel out a better plan.

Just moved this site to a new server for blogging, this is going to be my private one for assorted blogging projects, so a few more to move over and start some serious dev on over the next 3 months as that’s my personally slated deadline as some of these I want to draw some passive income if possible!

I got my comment from my mystery commenter who I have a rough idea who it is, but let’s not call out a loyal reader 🙂 but exercise is in my plan for the next 3 months too! So much to do, so little time though! You try running after a small girl who thinks its funny to run down the halls at target screaming 🙂 (sorry if anyone of you hear that, she’s excited!)

For now, off to get some more things going! Night all!

PS:303 – Unmotivated.

I just can’t seem to get myself really “hungry” to work right now. It has been a fairly blah week. I find myself exhausted. Seems like I run a ragged week only to run a busy weekend, only to start another week running.

I’m honestly so unmotivated to work lately if it wasn’t for the fact that bills must be paid, mouths must be filled, I’d probably just be a lump on the couch. I’m tired, and honestly? A bit sad.

Life never said on day one “It’s going to be easy! Enjoy the ride!” no it simply said “Here’s a life. Live it.” and that’s what we do.

Being a business owner sucks. Honestly, there are parts I’d give up in a heartbeat. For one? Finances. There are times I wish that the money part like invoicing, hardware payments, etc. all simply was not part of my job, but I’m a solo act at the moment, and until some larger revenue streams come into place to support the addition of another employee – it’s on my shoulders.

Not easy. Hopefully, though this year will present some additional revenue streams, maybe find a good service to manage my finances – would be nice to have everything DONE and simply focus/worry about making things work. I’m good at that! I’m good at making sure folks websites are online, repaired, fixed, running smoothly – but even then that work I do, it’s sad when the customer decides when is a good time to pay.

I’m dealing lately with a few customers who have my finances taking a punch in the gut as I invest time in a project, the idea is I get paid when it’s done, and then the customer decides “Nope!” and even now I have 2 invoices of a decent size from projects which are over a week overdue. 🙁 That’s not a motivation to do more work.

Again, maybe it’s time to be a lump on a log. Or maybe I just need to get more sleep. Time will tell.