PS:317 – Working Hard

One of my larger server contracts has been hit or miss lately, one week $$$$$$$ another week $0.$$ – not complaining, a little something is a lot better than a lot of nothing – but it’s really working me to grab even more customers directly as one day they are hiring me, the next day …. dunno.

Working helps me balance things out a bit emotionally, work has a lot more focus on it than day-to-day life, and I like it. I like the grind, but I do like my family, and I have been trying to find a better balance, but one day it’s light and you can play some, then half way through light, well it gets heavy.

Tomorrow I need to follow up on a few things but tonight I decided “Hey that server of yours? Let’s decommission it!” so you know what I’m doing? Killing off 2 servers tonight, one a customer canceled recently, and old sale he got and then said he didn’t need any more, then a private server which honestly was overkill for my needs, requires a few software licenses, and well – the new server builds for WP based software I’m building out – a heck of a lot better.

So this server which has housed this blog for a few weeks/months just actually went down for about 5 minutes and spun up with some additional storage, memory, and CPU, and will house a number of my private projects, my testing grounds (clever I know) and really reduce some overhead by removing a cPanel and Softaculous license which while I’ve got pretty fair deals, is some change I don’t really need to be spending.

All in all the moves the last few months have been good, freeing up IP’s in my Proxmox cluster will allow me some room for the launch of and by mid-year, I want by mid-July to have everything online and running with pricing, ordering, and improved support.

Really have a lot going on behind the scenes, cleaned the desk today, which still not perfect, need a shelf or two in here, but on my way to really trying to build this business this year, and to tools which might allow me to bring on someone to assist and make my life a bit easier – time will tell!

For now, back to moving 30GB of data between servers and configuring a few sites with new login info … I’m a wild man.