PS:331 – Crypto

So one of the big hypes out there right now is the HUGE rebirth it would seem (not that it ever really went away) of Crypto Currency, not just Bitcoin, but names like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin – and honestly? I wish those coins I mined years ago on a whim – I wish I knew where I saved the text file lol. Live & Learn I suppose, but BTC even down the last few days @ $2,493.24US for 1 BTC? Oi. Would have been nice.

I’ve done honestly a little home work, and picked up a little coin on this dip, most seem to be from what I can see a careful pull back due to changes on August 1st, but if the trend picks up after things stabilize, not thinking I’ll be rolling in money by any means, but be neat to make this investment and see if perk up after the balance.

One great place to get some solid info is BiteSizedBitCoin. Honestly? He’s got some solid info – worth a watch for some good info, but not the end all, trust me I have a folder in my bookmarks which are just full of resources.

I have a few servers actually using a CPU or two mining for a alt-coin, for which in my finds I get paid out in BTC, which for some spare CPU cycles and not hurting anything on these servers got paid a whomping 0.00104670 Bitcoin (~$2.61 USD) which is for a week of spare CPU cycles and me doing absolutely nothing.

I don’t know how far this investment path will go for me,  but if it continues to grow in any area, maybe re-invest this BTC into LTC (Litecoin) or other alt-coin and see how it takes off, time will tell!


PS:330 – Birthday Palooza!

So tomorrow I will no longer have a 2-year-old. No, she will be 3. How time flies and so much fun watching a little girl grow up and a personality form! Oh boy, she has quite the personality!

She does though share her day of birth with 2 others in the family, my nephew Ronnie and my cousin Sarah. Sadly we have not ever had a true mega birthday! Oh how much fun with that be!? Okay okay, may not for anyone else but myself as I think it’d be fun to really just have something awesome for the big day!

This year is mellow as the one set of grandparents are galavanting with my sis and her family. We’ve already had a wild party with her other grandparents which included hats & balloons! (she was excited!)

Not sure what the age of 3 will bring, some have warned its scarier than the 2’s but either way – I love my baby girl!

PS:329 – Brief Pause

So here we are at the end of a crazy week, another is ahead and today after a rough day with little sleep…. I get a brief pause.

Lately, with all I’m hoping to accomplish before summer is done, it has been nothing but go go go. Picking up projects, not saying “Well… not really” because let’s be honest – I’m tired of second guessing myself in what I’m capable of doing.

I’ve made some investments in my future, really working to grow, build, expand, save.  I also have a kid who may want to go to college – or a world wide tour of every Zoo. Too soon to tell at 2.99 yrs old. How time flies.

So tonight, as I’ve slept most of the afternoon that I could, I am going to try and be in bed no later than 3 AM. Have to be at Costco at noon for a cake, likely do digital service from a live stream somewhere here in town (or get wild and maybe a Church Hoster’s service! Be at the in-laws by 1, small party for LG after which she’ll probably just keep partying with Grandparents.

For now, going to sip a tea blend I made (3 black, 2 mint, 1 fenugreek) – tastes good so far! Have a happy Sunday All.

PS:328 – Days Left… or Right.

Days left (as of writing) in this year are 162. That’s it. I only have 37 days until I have written a year’s worth of blog posts. Seems workable.

Been one of those weeks. No stop. Ok, there were a few stops which I hadn’t planned on, thus why it’s 4 am and I’m still awake.

I’ve been working on TFH ideas in the background, TNLLC site ideas, and really putting together some nice finishing touches on FH.  Yes, most of that may seem like code, but typing is not fun right now. I’ve been in this chair too long today.

Next week could be similar, a lot to get done, have one project finally 50% done, I wish it was closer to 75%, but I do sleep now and again, but the goal is to wrap it up no-matter-what this week, that includes a music class, gymnastics class & a swim class for Ms. 3 years old this week 🙂 She’s a busy kiddo, a little overwhelmed by Gymnastics, but she’s learning, she’s exploring, she’s a happy kid.

So going to try and wrap things up here at 4:06 am, tomorrow there are plans to be busy, but honestly? I just want to rest this weekend, but Lilly’s Aunt is coming down, there is a party, I’m in charge of a cake, and I think pizza lol. Aka I guess I’m the food guy! So a lot to work on might as well get at least 5 hours in before I must be awake. Night all.

PS:327 – Forward.

I know You got this whole thing under control
My soul is untouchable because
You’ve already won me
My victory is not in this flesh and bone
It’s in the cross and I know
Nobody’s taking it from me

It has been a rough week. Yesterday was one of those days where everything that could of went wrong, did. I lost a couple hours of work I could have picked up. That’s a rough one because it seems like lately, the hours are less I can pick up, nothing is coming in on a regular basis.

It’s summer and I try to remember that some folks are simply just not in the “do business” mood, they are on break, they are on vacation, they are out and about. Still rough.

The above song has been playing on repeat lately, it’s just one of those reminders that this life, this flesh, and bone is indeed temporary.  I keep trying to shed stress when and where I can, even tonight here at 2:39 am – unwinding with some tea, some music, working on finishing a website for another 30 minutes, then 30 minutes on editing a video I had hoped to have edited yesterday, then hopefully bed before too long.

I need to knock down a lot of random projects here this week, and at every turn it’s been time on everything else, but did pick up some coding work re-working an entire import system – but I don’t think that’s going to improve itself overnight, nor in a few hours of coding today, so going to focus on my own business for a bit.

Night (or Good Morning) 😀

PS:326 – Passive Income + Writing

As it was told to me the other day “Adulting Sucks.” It really does sometimes. Working to build passive income, and that’s not always easy but I am wanting to do so via a series of blogs and advertising – but honestly? Who has time to write.

Well that’s the plan to make the time and work toward writing at least once a day but I’m looking for something to work as a posting ground in which I can then distribute the post to other blogs, so say for instance I’m writing a something for a tech piece that would fit on this blog and maybe 2 others, simply tag where it posts and boom, everywhere.

I started a review of Thrust Networks website recently and I forgot how much leg work I did towards building the content layout, just need to write it all up and get it online, but honestly the brand name of Thrust Networks  has come on my radar as something I’m considering changing or loosing. There is another Thrust Networks in Sydney, and one in India (which seem to love my Facebook page) but the thing is honestly its always had a connection to the misconception of being a company that deals in porn.

Since the  early days I remember when talking to Ensim (a control panel I first used) the sales rep was hesitant talking to me and said “I don’t think we do business in your industry” and I asked “Shared Hosting?” Well the name set him to think “Thrust” as in Thrusting – maybe it’s time for a change, or a really clean re-brand.

A lot going on, a lot happening – just finished recording an FH Update for July, need to edit it, write up a newsletter, and maybe even sneak in a nap! Not sure how clear this entire blog was, a lot of rambling in this one 😀

PS:325 – New Week.

Well, it’s a fresh week. New options ahead – going to look for a few more places to put my resume at this week, looking for remote work for now, but who knows maybe switch things up and see if I can find something different.

Had a good time with my dad yesterday, saw GOG2 and it was fun, dad enjoyed it too! Grabbed lunch and a few small errands he had on his to-do and since we were out, we knocked em down.

Didn’t get all I had hoped to get done this weekend done, but got some rest, of course, upside down now with rest as its nearly 6 am and I’m still awake.

Hoping this week picks up, a few projects in the wings which I hope can be sorted out and signed off on, one is a good chunk of hours, another is a so-so, and then we’ve got the age ol fun of chasing after bills to be paid by the usual slackers, one is really good he like me gets behind because he has a lot of projects, all it takes is a call and suddenly all payments come in, the other? An AP department that seems to sit on my checks, currently 2 checks behind, would be nice to have those funds.

Anywhoo – a lot on my mind, part of why I can’t seem to get to sleep – I’ve laid down, researched Crypto Currency investing, Linux workstation hardware, and watching Stargate Atlantis – so semi-productive. For now going to lay down for a bit more and see if I can’t get a few hours of sleep, not sure when the girls are coming home – but should be back to a full house again sometime today.

PS:324 – Direction

It has been a crazy summer.  Not easy to find a balance sometimes, but working hard to, my project this weekend has been a bold one. What is it?

Make my office workable.


It’s not that it is impossible to work in here, it’s just I don’t like the layout for productivity. My goal is to make this desk I’m at right now my “get work done” desk. However, I want to swap out the table for a similar build as this desk and have it be more “creative” so writing, designing, and creating.


Going to work on this till about 1 AM tops, tomorrow I am going to enjoy GOG2 with my dad, should be nice to go see a flick with the guy – I do like him 😀

For now going to work on what I can work on, may go get the makings of another door desk tomorrow after the movie, because let’s be honest, what says fun like 105F weather + a 60-80lb door lugged into the house -or- plan B which is sleep 😀

All alone this weekend too, wife and kiddo are at the beach with her mom and sister until Monday, so sadly a bit too quiet here.

PS:323 – Big Oops.

Thankfully it was on my own server on one end, on the other it was new asset set which contains all my artwork and such for new projects, so pulled a backup which had a few files missing which thankfully I was able to re-work a bit, and get all back in place – but still not sure why things were wonky.

I was working just fine on the browser, but apps on Desktop/Mobile both were failing, reviewed logs, reviewed ad firewall, etc. however nothing was being blocked, logs simply showed a 503 (error logs were clean) even debug mode spat out only 1 thing, MySQL wasn’t talking.

So somewhere along the way VestaCP was hiccuping, even had some issues with its config having some instances of 2-3 times the same configuration, I’d clear it manually and then it’d rebuild to the 2-3 times again.

My bright idea was to re-install over the current setup but didn’t imagine it’d clear the admin user. Figured it’d say “Oh there is stuff here.” Nope. It didn’t. Wiped the folder, but in the end with the backup I was able to restore, adding back all of my configurations with Apache in place to handle some things and Nginx just reverse proxy’ing it. Works a lot smoother now, all clients are syncing, SSL is working from Let’s Encrypt – can’t complain.

One reason I was starting to fiddle with things was, I want to see if I can mount B2 as a storage instance. So basically get things off storage on-box, but then have B2 be mounted as my storage for the sync and then just keep updated there – something happens on the server, need to move things, just re-mount elsewhere, install my MySQL dump and life is good.

I need to get some rest, have a hurt shoulder, so rest isn’t too deep, even right now on a big dose of Advil, still hurts, just trying to stick to low-end work with it, yet today did my best to not use it, even bringing in a BIG box, walked it in (and by walk, I mean the box walked back and forth all the way into the house).

Now in “My dad would be proud of me” news, I not only over-did on my truck repair, BUT I fixed it too. I was trying to recharge my AC to take and get the truck running cooler, and to I have Dasiy’s on the docket too – I did mine and low and behold I overfilled. The compressor was working hard (you could hear it) was reading online about one guy who had similar issues and he said if the car was at 1500-2000RPM’s it’d run fine, boy was he right!

So his ultimate solution was to bleed off a bit, so I reviewed how to do so, and I did. Compressor leveled out, didn’t go off/on and the truck wasn’t humid anymore! So score! Cooler running truck, next to do Daisy’s car and all will be chilly with the world again.

Been a mixed week so far, really not feeling good, trying to take it easy, waiting for a big project or two, heck would love to hear back from a job option or two, but waiting, watching, praying, and still trying to get up enough energy and drive in 100F+ heat to have the desire to really do anything at all.

Off I go, going to try and sleep. Praying the pain stops for a bit.

PS:322 – Content Written

I don’t think I have written that much in a long long long time. But I have the base copy written out and ready for some final edits, graphics, then package and cut things over, and to a new entire server for the sites!

Excited about this new setup, about the new pricing, hoping to really have some new packages coming in – a few promo options too which would be nice for some new sign-ups, maybe a landing page or two if I can squeeze it in, but so much to do and I figure I’ll get some sleep if I can get some shoulder pain down.

A productive day and most of it has actually been on the iPad. Even now I am catching up on Doctor Who Season 10 on the TV, the iPad on it’s stand, keyboard on my lap and just typing away on this keyboard been fairly comfy and productive most of the night! Bear (the writing app I use) is getting a lot of use, but I do wish Grammarly was some how tied in, would make proofing a lot easier. 🙂

For now I think I’ll get a few graphics created before I crash out. Night.