Nearly a month later.

So here we are, nearly midnight on week 5. So the rundown of what I have had thus far is:

  • 5 Chemo Treatments (1 reduced 20% due to low white blood count)
  • 29 Radiation Treatment (2 missed due to port placement)
  • 2 Hydration Treatments
  • 1 Port installed for easy treatment setup
  • 1 Feeding Tube Installed for Ease of Nutrition.

Crazy really. Just all so quickly done. Just like one day its “So treatment….” then “So feeding tube…” then “So this port thing will save your veins”  – so 2 surgical procedures which even now is still something I’m getting used to – the port alone is weird because it’s under the skin and that’s just … weird! The feeding tube you can at least see and know its there, Lilly says the tube is soft, so its Lilly approved.

I think we are finally getting nutrition under control, I am grateful for the new formula we finally got switched to, no dairy! Milk has been my enemy sadly and I didn’t realize it, Esophagus cancer produces mucus like nothing else, so the milk doesn’t help that, thus we got to a veggie/fruit based shake, and it goes down easy and has made life a bit easier! 

Was able to see my fam as you can see in the photo on the side, for mothers day, was nice to get to see my brother and sister, crazy how much weight I’ve lost in all of this, nearly 30lbs down, a few shy of my lowest as an adult, but crazy how much fat has eaten away in all of this! But was good to see fam and celebrate mom, Lilly took Daisy to lunch so thankfully I had cash to allow Lilly to pay for lunch – not my usual Mothers day plans I try to follow through with but was nice to give something to my wife for mothers day, and my mom getting to just spend some time talking with my siblings all in one place.

Hair is starting to go slowly. If we are indeed wrapping up then I may make it out with something still on my head, but honestly beard and head both are loosing, but not super noticeable simply because my hair is fairly thick to being with, but it was always a possibility, but they figured I’d make it out with no loss, but body is going through a lot, so not entirely surprised.

My rotation of life is pretty standard, long Monday’s, Tuesday through Friday brief morning visit, try and function for a bit, then end up crashing after some minor work, but honestly can’t complain. Swallowing has mellowed added in some extra meds to deal with the risk of infection, and to deal with mucus production, but all in all today I feel a lot better. I slept like 14 hours on Saturday alone! Just another week on the horizon this week, then one more possibly 2 simply because I missed some, but praise God for my amazing family, Daisy and Lilly taking it like champs as it has changed our dynamic quite a bit, but they are both supportive, and Lilly let me know my 100 doctors will make me better!  My mom and dad supportive in occasional supplies mid-week including but not limited to Tuna Fish Sandwiches. 🙂 Sis and Bro both on call if needed, but nothing to bug them about at this point, but as we come around to re-test and such, may need some more fam on deck to plan a shindig to celebrate this being done! 

So that’s really it on my status, been slow to update as some bad days, some tired nights, but today was better, and just wanted to really document a bit since its been about a month. Hopefully, another update soon once treatments are done and I get 3-4 weeks break before re-testing. A break would be nice! Thanks all for your prayers, support and love you are sending my way. Good night!