Dear Cancer…

So I’m not entirely sure when you moved in honestly – but your stay is coming to an end. Tomorrow we start 2/4 chemo – and I am thinking you are going to disappear more and more.

May have knocked me down some, but I’m slowly getting back up, I’m slowly working to recover life, may not always do it well or have the energy to do everything I could do before, but one step at a time – little more energy each time.

In 2 more treatments, I’m looking to hear the words “remission” or as I call it “eviction” your stay will be done. You’ve changed my body, my hair, my daily life – things will be better. Restored. Renewed.

So farewell cancer. This hairstyle will be great to be rid of and go back to my amazing red locks 😀

Cancer Update

Seems like a million years ago this all started with pain. A solid 7 months now and counting but cancer markers in the blood as well as size of the mass are all down!

Now sadly doesn’t mean I am out of the woods yet, just means we are getting it under control. Did another round of chemo this past Monday full dose this time and no radiation. Feeling better ish compared to full weekly radiation but still fairly puny as chemo has side effects and one of the meds side effects is joint and muscle pain. Tylenol and Advil do very little, I have stronger meds but sadly nutrition wise, not a good idea to be knocked out.

This week we visit City of Hope to ensure we are on a good path, not too concerned but first big trip and weary about the pain mainly.

What a journey! I mean from pain to cancer to treatment …. Crazy. Writing this on my phone and not much more to say thus going to call it a blog and hit post. Thanks for checking in!