81GB + B2 = $4/yr

So while I have backup servers easily with 81GB of storage I could utilize, I don’t. Many reasons including no sense in putting in my data to a mix which could if found be more “tempting” than my blog for instance. Sure sure I use security galore, keys, hardware security devices like Yubikeys etc. but to top it off, storage isn’t cheap for how I do backups so 81GB if precious.

Enter B2 – for nerdy people like myself, it’s similar to AWS but considerably cheaper – now if you are reading this and saying “Backups… I need those” B2 is part of another company I HIGHLY recommend called Backblaze – B2 is their developer side of things, Backblaze is their amazing backup system – I use it on my Mac’s and it works awesome, even complains if I haven’t used my laptop in a while and it wants a backup! Been a life saver too in issues of deleted files that didn’t make it local.

So why am I use b2? Well, Linux isn’t exactly mainstream and yes there are backup systems you can get – homebrew is my thing lately, trying to find “NORMAL” in life with everything going on and thus since I am familiar with b2, tonight I crafted the command line to basically emulate what I do locally to my backup M.2 drive, sync my home directory so if anything happens here at home? It’s accessible, and I can get a Linux box up and running again even on basic cheap hardware if needed, Manjaro has it covered.

So the plan I have is two-fold:

  • Daily Backups to the M.2 Drive scheduled to run nightly and keep the home-dir up-to-date.
  • Weekly Backups to B2 – this is for an emergency so no sense in daily off-site backups, plus data usage it covers includes things like say a steam game so careful to be mindful of how much I am backing up.

Now I considered just doing Monthly vs. Weekly, but I’m looking for some just in case – but at around $4/yr for all of this storage – yes, please.

There are apps that do automate this but I found them slow. One made an IMAGE file, another tried to create an archive – this literally is just whirring by on my monitor as I type, currently showing 1.1GB of data already moved in less than 30 minutes so needless to say happy with the speed, and the backup process.

If you don’t have backups on your devices this also is related to say your smartphone – consider getting something – most offer basic backups – but both iOS and Android offer backups baked into the operating system, use them. If you are anxious about them having the backups then ask yourself why aren’t anxious they already have 100% access to your device? If it’s important – back it up.

For now, things are in motion, and I’m a bit nauseous so I’m going to go and chill out for a bit, but if interested let me know and I’ll post the scripts & cronjobs if you are a linuxy person – if you are a Windows/Mac user – let me know if you have questions about Backblaze or want to know about any other online type backups I can offer if you’d rather go with “someone you know” and I can get you some basic pricing for options for backup. Till next time? Good night!

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