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PS:258 – Work keeps rolling

So I’ve been re-syncing my MacBook, getting things all back on track, part of the reason I want to update the hackintosh is a great sync feature via iCloud – but sadly it failed, been restoring for the last hour. Lilly has woke up briefly 2 times now thankfully back to sleep each time, going to join her soon.

Work is still desperately behind. Tired. I don’t want to play anymore as this week has been no sleep really, even the good bit I got, feel like it didn’t stick. 🙁 In about 45 minutes by the current rate the hackintosh will be back up and running! For now, I have about an hour of work left, but I’m thinking by 4 I’m calling it a night.

daily writing

PS:257 – Meeting Woot!

So talked about a big setup of servers today, going to be a big investment, I feel good about it, but I want to pray about it big time too. It’s going to be a big investment of time, things are working “fair” at the moment, but the average is fair because some customers are having issues 🙁 so looking at the options they gave me.

Hopefully not too much longer of a night, my hackintosh is trying to update to macOS Sierra, hoping it’s not a fail like before, but if so backup just finished to the backup drive, so if it fails I can restore.

Here we go.

daily writing

PS:255 – Tir… Oh who am I kidding.

I think 90% of my posts as of late could be quite simply “Tired” because let’s face it, I am.

I love Lilly a lot, but her sleep schedule has been less than ideal, today though, today we may be back on track! She even put HERSELF in bed, danced under the blanket for a little bit, then crashed out completely.

So I’m getting in some work done shortly, I’m trying to focus up by writing as it does help, I could take a nap with her, but hoping we’ll see a good follow-up tonight of sleep for me and her as I have a 11AM meeting with a datacenter, working out an entirely new plan for server growth, something that long-term will give some room for growth, and higher availability to boot! Tomorrow we talk fine-tuning the solution, my big thing is storage. SSD = Super Fast however SATA = LARGE Storage. So we’ll see.

Back to it.

daily writing

PS:254 – Ow-Ah!

That was the words from Lilly tonight as she woke up a little bit ago, she’s hurting 🙁 Legs are having growing pains would be my guess, but she’s in good spirits, just not sure when she’ll actually want to goto sleep, but there is hope she’ll sleep past 8am! 🙂 I have some work to-do, so hope to wrap it up sooner than later, and then get back to bed, and hope I can get some sleep in before a little girl wakes me up for a new day!

daily writing

PS:253 – The week ahead.

I can’t get back to sleep, and thus I’m enjoying some time in the word, reading in 1 Corinthians – reading it across 3 bibles, times like this I wish I had a big comfy chair to relax and read/listen (ah Bible Apps with Audio reading, NIV Listener’s Bible, voice actor is fancy).

A busy week ahead, cleaning some – a lot of things ahead this week – trying to look at the business budget for a possible re-working of all server setups, it’s pretty awesome look, and seeing if too I can re-work things to be done quietly and quickly with zero downtime by shifting some IP ranges to new hardware cluster.

3 websites need to get done, 1 customer, my two business fronts – one of the BIG goals this week to squeeze in all of this, customer is one I want to get done first, and the two I have basic layouts done, just the content – but throw in varied projects that are on-going, this should be a busy week as I know varied projects are on the docket, and rumor has it I may have an interview soon. Which would be awesome, I’m not holding my breath as my first interview to even get the side work I’ve got took months, lots of “Soon” – My app is in – and hopefully it’ll be coming soon!


daily writing

PS:252 – Lazy Sunday

Today has been a day of sleep, rest, doing nothing. Not feeling 100% still, but at least not run down like the start of the weekend, this week – a lot on the docket. Busy busy busy – hoping to be back to sleep before 1am, but got woken up by someone trying to hack one of my websites 🙁 Sorted, cleared the login prompts, files no longer are accessible to login, so I can’t even login. Not perfect, but works for now. Sleep soon. Happy week to you.