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Ah, the About Me page, something I never really have a good grasp on what I should write to the point I don’t want to overshare, but to don’t want visitors to come and say “Uh…. who is this guy?” so… This is me.

I’m a Artsy/Computery/Outdoorsey/Helpful guy (I think that works…) but as my father and wife neither are entirely sure what I do for a living, I do know that I enjoy doing what I do which does include helping folks out when and where I can, and using the talents that God has given me to bless others thru helping with websites and to helping with IT type help.

18843_331343505762_3350845_nBut more on me – I come from a great family two amazing parents who have helped shape me (or as dad would say “warp” me) into the guy I am today! I have two siblings pictured in this lovely old family photo, Beth (Little girl in blue) and my brother Ron (Guy in the middle between my parents) and the guy on my Dad’s lap would be me (a Cute little guy wouldn’t you say?). But have been blessed to be raised in this family, we are pretty close, and always there to support each other so I can’t complain! Even have got some great additions of a brother and sister in law, not to mention 2 Nieces and 2 Nephews!

858196_10151494568215763_431961774_oAside from my computer ways, and art ways, I’ve begun to do better and taking care of myself including losing over 250lbs! At one point in my life weighing in over 500lbs I am now happily under 250lbs, and aiming for 200lbs or lower. I have started having fun my enjoying the Color Me Rad 5k’s (Done 3, Bakersfield, Fresno, Bakersfield), Summer Series with the BTC, Rock to Pier and looking forward to more

Lilly & Dad
I am the dad to on Lilly Grace! She’s a cutie and a big part of my life that makes me smile on a daily basis. She is coming up on the big 4.0 in July, and she’s growing so fast. I’ve asked her to stop, but she just smiles and keeps on doing it!

But all in all, that’s my About Me for now 🙂 May change, may not, time will tell but for now, that’s a bit about me that you may not have known!

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