Back to writing!

I have been out of the writing game for a while, this very blog has been quiet…. far too quiet. So to really get back into writing (be it well written or not!) I’m going to pickup my blog again! May be a thought on a  verse from my daily devotional, thoughts on a song, review of a movie, game, software, thoughts of running a hosting company – or cute things Lilly has done 🙂

Today is just a simple “I’ve posted” type post, I’m really still just getting back into the groove, and I plan to write at a few places like Light Unto Ministries (need to get back on schedule!), the FlockHosting Blog, and been considering some sort of tech website… but not sure what I’d really fully talk about, but one idea is a pick my brain/q&a type website to really flex my problem solving fun, since I do get emails/messages from folks asking me “How do I do this?” or wanting a fix for something, so may make that happen.

All in all, life is okay, busy lately – you try chasing around a nearly 1-year-old daughter 🙂 She’s a cutie though so I can’t complain at all!

Thanks for reading, if you still read this, more to come! Hopefully if I can stick to it, daily! Even if it’s just a picture, word, video, etc. some sort of content daily. See Ya!

2 thoughts on “Back to writing!”

  1. Chuck,

    Hey brother, good on you for getting back on the horse!

    I have been away from blogging for about two years now; partly time pressure and partly due to FB sucking me/folk away from our own online places. Funny that you mention Q&A stuff. I had a wander down memory lane the other day looking at stuff like these from 13 years ago!

    All seems very tame now when I stop and consider all that my Galaxy can do – without tweaking ROMs and HotSync’ing .prc files! LOL I loved that stuff 🙂

    • I’ve just been feeling more and more of a disconnect from Facebook, so leaning back into the blog more as a good way to get out there!

      I do remember the good old days about Palm Pilots, Handspring, Sony, etc. all the players who made devices which we had to make work with various tech now it’s out of the box 🙂 Ah the good old days!


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