PS:307 – The PS Project

While the idea was to PS (Post Something) for 365 days in a row, I obviously failed. Some might be able to balance all of life, six companies, 2.5yr old, bills, cooking, driving, trips, etc. – Sadly in that wild-life timeline, Posting to a blog didn’t fit in the top priority listing. Which has given me pause to writing as a side job, maybe it isn’t the right time.

I need a lot more scheduling and planning if I hope to launch a site in which the primary content is my writing. Long ago with HappyPalm and others, it was easy, I was passionate about what came on my phone, what news was a trend, it was in my face, and my responsibilities were fewer.

I want to get to the point where I can write, where I can do what I’m doing right now – typing, getting my thoughts out there, or the steady improvement of recording a vLog style video to produce and handle monthly for customers, but maybe find a way to do it nightly. I need a stronger schedule. Soon.

Taxes are coming. I am dreading them on the one hand, however this next week I’m going to sit down, crunch the numbers, get it all lined up so all I need to do? Plugin numbers, add all of it into Turbo Tax, see the good or the bad, get it sorted out and got it done. I don’t want to dread till the 18th; I need to find an accountant, likely need to re-structure how I do business – anyone knows anyone trustworthy and reliable?

Work has been a tad nuts, really working to get things ironed out smoother and smoother, just been one of those things where just when you think it’s going to get easier? Monkeywrench. Last week got one of those, and this week still sadly sitting waiting on one contract I have to pay out 3, going on four invoices – all of which I had hoped would be in the bank already, one is 60 days overdue today. Oi. Not the first time a customer’s done that – again I need to find a better way to handle these sorts of things.

I want to get back into the swing of the PS project; I want to get back into the swing of trying to write something every-day. I have pondered the start of the day and the end of the day, at the moment? Leaning towards the start, but imagining it’ll stick to the end. For now? Wrapping it up.

PS:296 — Got nothing to say

And yet, I’ve opened the app. Maybe just the action of going to do it will help? Nope. Didn’t really help. It has been a long week, a long day, and after fighting with the amazingly beautiful “I don’t need to sleep dad” (I won!) I’m back at the desk solved 2 billing issues, and bouncing back and forth on the options to:

A) Goto Sleep.

B) Work on a Server

C) Veg on YouTube

D) Dance.

E) Consider A again.

The year’s nearly over. Hoping that 2016 will wrap up with more paying customers (the dreaded Pre/Post Christmas Delay) with folks who are out of town/not checking billing issues – hoping its quick and painless.

Back to pondering my options, Happy Friday.

PS:291 — No sleep.

It never fails. Sleep is completely lost over the process of a night, got maybe 45 minute power nap during the day, and tonight, I’m hoping to wrap up here soon.

Putting in some more ground work on the tasks I set ahead of myself, TFH is hovering pretty well, really going over some things which are part of a course I signed up for – it will help focus me a bit more and get things lined up to hopefully grow it into a business a bit more.

Clothing and such, really excited about this, but not sure what I am going to do design wise 100%, the company who’s going to do my printing has offered a sample, I just need to provide the artwork, thinking a nice FlockHosting shirt would be nice, take my collection up to two, and maybe get a poster for the wall in here… artwork, now I sound all fancy.

New is not where I want it to be, maybe more time on it here tomorrow after some sleep.

For now, few more hours of work, then hopefully in bed before 3 if I can wing it.

PS:290 — Bummed.

Many have said it and I’m going to agree. 2016 was rough, but you know what else is true about trials? You come out on the other side stronger, tempered, ready to conquer the world, unless you let it just shatter you.

I’ve felt incredibly un-appreciated lately. I’ve been running myself ragged the past few weeks even now it’s nearly 5AM, sitting in the office working. Customers aren’t paying. Some by choice, some out of spam filters, and others because they’ve passed away.

Sucks to have customers not care, but in the case of one project, it was to help a friend, but he’s now decided to take my “deal” pricing and explain to me he’s not going to pay because he’s not happy, and wants to part ways:

I just don’t want to waste your time anymore. I will not use site. Please let me know how much I owe you for your troubles. I really appreciate you trying to help me. Thank you

That’s what I got via text, and when I said what the total was for my time, he tells me we need to have a meeting to “discuss” things and mind you this is the common thread, last time to re-build everything, I was promised an additional payment for my troubles, but seems my troubles are up for discussion.

I’ve been bummed out about this, about another customer who’s over a week overdue on a 20hr project, bummed about a sick kiddo, no sleep, and just growth being lack-luster.

But that’s 2016 wrapping up, 2017? Not looking for bummed. Looking for big change. Growth, maybe a steady paycheck from a customer or two. Growing the hosting platform, even tonight building out a customer file-share to get customers video guides (like I just did tonight!) – maybe phasing out Dropbox or just using this for simple storage on my own hosted platform.

This year I want to really focus on growth of the business not just the ministry aspect of things – for a few years now the only growth center has been Church Hosting, on the Thrust Networks side it’s been more side work which is great managing other comapnies assets, but I want to grow mine.

Home office is still in the growth stage too – I want to build a backup server, I have 3 x 5TB drives which I want to use to build a FreeNAS setup – but that’s once the budget levels out, and probably taxes are done so I have everything out the door of big expenses.

I’ve been toying with the idea of an employee too if I can grow things. Thinking someone more in the realm of Sales/Billing – someone to handle that insanity, help me get myself easily be ready for things like taxes and things vs. the big rush in April.

It’s 16 years in business this year – 16 YEARS! That’s just plain crazy. Even one of the companies I do business with (and need to email later today) let me know was an amazing thing in our day in age. So many companies in hosting do sign-up, get a server, then fade away. I’ve know a number, but 16 years. Yowza!

Things I do want to do before the year’s end include (but not limited to:

  • T-Shirt Store Online – Random Gear for FlockHosting, Odd Jobs, and Maybe my own unique set of designs? Basically passive income.
  • Fully Launch TFH – Not going to be an overnight sucess, but have some good content in mind, again more passive income.
  • Launch New – New look, new packages, simpler, faster, cleaner.

That’s the big things, I want this year coming to be a big one, I know folks say that, but recently just looking at things, and you know if you don’t grow, things won’t get better, if things don’t get better, you become stale, and the next 21 yr old kid out of college does the same thing you do but with more energy, you’ve just lost 1/3 of your business because his site has more information.

No more being bummed out. For now though I do need sleep. Dad mode begins in like 2 hours. Night all.

PS:201 – Friday.

I could go on and on about how this day sucked work wise. I could. But let’s put that part of this day to bed and smile:


Day is over, tomorrow will be better. Gotta stay focused on the positive, gotta keep pushing forward. Happy Friday.

PS:10 – A Job?

A 9-to-5ish kind of job? Maybe.

I got a note Monday night from the company I do a lot of contract work for and they asked if I’d be interested in coming on full time as a “Web Engineer” (not even sure what that means lol) but I like the idea.

I love doing my gig; it’s fun. I have had 13 years of doing it, and even as I worked previously at another company for around five years, it can be done.

The cool thing, this time, around is it is in my field. Web/Servers. I have been working for them as a contractor for a few months, and I’ve enjoyed the crew, and helping out a new dynamic of customers.

So I’ve said I’m interested, and they are getting me a job description and call by weeks end. This could be a good thing, or a bad thing, or a good, bad thing. Time will tell 🙂

Hopefully, in a few posts, I’ll have something more to say!

PS:1 – Post Something

I enjoy writing. Sadly, I’m horrible at it.

I am not your regular writer who ensures every little thing is perfect; I write to write. It’s like me having a conversation with the keyboard. So I may use a comma somewhere that one of these editors I’m relying on nowadays to learn to correct. So you may not see it as much, but trust me Grammarly alone tells to upgrade to fix issues (I probably should!).

What is this PS:1 business? Post Something. Day One.

My life gets far too busy. Stress. Work. Kid. Wife. Faith. Lack of Sleep – and I just don’t keep up anymore in the one thing that’s always given me a time to relax, writing.

So in an effort, I want to start a series of Vlog’s & Blogs to document life a bit.

I looked at the blog and saw that I have a very very low post count: 38. That’s it! At one point I had well over a thousand (if not 2k) so it’s time to get back to it. Even if it’s just to post a picture, a vlog, an update on work, even thought about doing a “Running a business” weekly update vlog, really just talk about the stresses of the week, the struggles of a small business owner.

I have a lot in mind, and I hope I can keep it up. I need the writing practice. I need to ensure that as I venture this next month into launching TFH, I’m in the groove of writing. Even trying to make a portable writing rig with an HP X360  which has been working great and has a little blue case made by Amazon Basics – a tight fit, but helps keep it safe!

New Year, New Projects, New Blog. Check back tomorrow, may not be huge, but it’ll be something written. Hello, 2016.

Being a dad.

402 days ago I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. What’s changed since then? I get even less sleep.

When Lilly was born life wasn’t the best, business was failing, life was stressful. Never did I imagine that afternoon going into the hospital, I would end up, meeting Lilly Grace.

As a kid I’ve always imagined being a dad. My dad was pretty awesome, supportive, loving, and always an open ear (even to this day!) and I hoped I could share that with my own kids.

You know what they say, it’s nothing like you plan. NICU for a week, constipation, gas, urgent care visit. I don’t think I ever considered that is what my parents went through. If it was even half of what I’ve gone through, they need more hugs, as do I.

Lilly is a daddy’s girl through and through, I’m sure she’ll go through her mommy’s girl phase in time. For now though we hang out and play through the day, and every night I sing, talk, and pray with her as we get ready for bed.

I didn’t plan for anything I’ve gone through, not a thing. But when I babble with her, or share a drink, sandwich, Jamba Juice, you name it. Planning doesn’t matter. It’s that moment. That single moment in time. And it’s awesome.

She’s sleeping right now and I’m trying to do an ounce of work and write a bit, but when they say life changes with kids? They aren’t lying.

Today’s picture is Lilly @ 1 day old, precious little feet 🙂 <3


TFH. That’s the new site. No link. No major details. Just I’ve decided on a project. I’ve talked to a few people about it with mixed feedback, but I think I’ll give it a whirl.

What will it be? Not 100% sure. Part YouTube, Part Blog, Part Social Media Explosion! (Yes I said explosion.)

I have wanted to do a project like this for some time. I like the idea, I like the name, I like it a lot. As I build things out I’ll give some sneak peeks of the site, maybe too let friends in, to give feedback.

Been busy lately! Doing a lot of prep for this new site as I want it to be a go-getter out the door, even going to start building articles. I want to give this a honest and full resources try as a alternative source of income! (Some folks are making $8k->$30k doing this stuff!)
Leading into this next week I hope to have so many projects off the table, so much I fired a customer today. Well rather put my foot down and said “Here are my terms to keep working” a few others I am going to weed out. As an old boss went over once with folks “Angel Customers vs Demon Customers”. While these few I’m weeding out aren’t demonic they are huge time issues.
So a lot of things moving forward, projects with more hours, building out two servers tonight! Lilly Grace is having better nights! (Actually GIGGLED! in her sleep! Teething break!) I must say a nicer thing to be hearing as I work 🙂

Keep me in your prayers, a lot happening! This old body is trying to keep up!

Oh and one last thing… Who’s 1, and got a 2nd $10 Jamba Juice gift card from daddy’s IT Job? This cutie: