Walk, Run, GO!

So yesterday I finally got to experience my first Summer Series 5k! 2 weeks ago when it started I was going to go, but a bad turkey sandwich took me out of commission 🙁 so this week I started and am still frantically hitting refresh to see what my final time was according to the chip!


I’ve done a 5k or three in my time, photo above is the last one I did earlier this year with some friends and family, I walked it all – but Color Me Rad while a great 5k (and I’ll likely do it again!) isn’t really something I push myself to get a better time in – and thus at the encouragement and invitation of my girlfriend I undertook the task of my first chipped (timed) 5k! Still waiting on the final time but around 50ish minutes, maybe around 53 tops, but I am still getting to where I can run/jog some sections, still not 100% there but its a start!


This is all really just prep at some level as I am doing a 10k (my first!) next month in Morrow Bay – It’s called Rock to Pier – I am going to make an effort to run as much as I can, do better at the coast, cooler, better air, and soft ground along the beach! So looking forward to running as much as I can in that, but my target best time 10k I have scheduled is in October in Springville – it’s the Apple Run! Should be a lot of fun, as it too starts of the Apple Festival there, so looking forward to a fun 10k and fun around the festival 🙂

2009-weightIt’s truly been a journey with my weight/health, in 2009 (Picture to the right) I had already lost a considerable amount of weight as I started a day job in which I was MUCH more active, and that shirt was a 3X, waist was 48/50’s and now down to a XL and a 36 waist! It’s been an amazing transformation overall, and it continues and happy to see the scale continue to go lower, and have my waist get baggy, and have clothes which are easier to fit in, but I’m not stopping anytime soon! Just going to keep active!

If you thinking about doing something to get your health going in a better direction, consider walking! Don’t have to start off with a 5k – walk around your block, for me it started that simple, after movement from the day at work racked up some steps, I was curious “How many steps?” so I ventured out and got me a FitBit (website), amazing to see my steps, and the amount of activity, calories burned etc. so I’ve kept to it, and now adding in jogging, and working towards running, its getting better and better! But get active! Find a fun event out there, in Bakersfield there are always a varied number of Run’s but read them, most allow folks to walk – but if you don’t know of any, check Active.com they usually have some events nearby!

Likely will post soon my final time – but for now I will sit and hit refresh 🙂 If your ever looking for a walking buddy to get you motivated and I live near you – ask! Be encouraged today and know sometimes all it takes in small steps to get to a run!

Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint.

A Journey…

My blog is reborn. Still not designed, but a fresh start was needed. Why? Because the past can have too much power over us, it can provide lessons but it can be something if we hold on to can bind us up and chain us to the past – and I’m not talking just bad things, I’m talking lost in the good things that have since past, I smile at much of my past that has been contained previously in this blog, but its time for those thousands of moments to be put to rest, and let be the past so as to move towards the future.

Philippians 3 (NIV)

13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

I have a pretty awesome future ahead, and some of that is thanks to learning the lessons of my past, but things have been changing and while some days are a challenge, its not anything that doesn’t refine me, and build me into even a more refined “CHUCK” 🙂 and that’s one thing I’m making an effort to reflect here – the site used to be entitled “Random Ramblings of a Crazed Nerd” and there was a time that fit, but I’m changing and a “Nerd” is only part of who I am, but this blog I want to be come something thats a blessing and a encouragement and a more clear example of who I am overall – It’s going to be about my life, and my journey through it.

So what’s going on? Change. Lots and lots of it! Things in my life have been amazing! I’m not going to lie there have been rough days, we all have them! But through those things furthering a more refined version of the Chuck who God is making me to be, so I can’t complain about the results I just look forward to what the finished product will be!

Things are moving forward, my relationship is happy, building & growing, my business has some momentum, my faith is getting stronger and stronger, and I’m looking forward to a future and a journey with happiness and people that are going to bless my socks off and I theirs! So this blog is going to be something to really just Praise God for what’s going on in my life and hope that it will be an encouragement to others.

I hope you’ll stick around, I hope you will still check in for updates, and trust me those are going to be changing to a format that was used off and on in catch-up posts in the past and I may adopt a more refined version of that too likely using various post formats to post assorted things like images and such which I find uplifting, as well as begin using my own storage for sharing photos vs. some online services, not to mention video blog or two 🙂

For now I’m going to wrap this up, I have a video to get up and online for FlockHosting and some laundry and cleaning too! (Probably should eat something soon too) But stay tuned, going to have some options too for subscribing to updates as well as cross-posting to Facebook/Twitter so folks who desire can keep up with my life and this journey I am on – I leave you with a photo of me and my nephew from a recent beach trip as we climbed a big rock we celebrated our victory 🙂

Me and My Nephew at the beach!
Me and My Nephew at the beach!