PS:308 – Coding Day

So today is a coding day, trying to clear my head and dig in, I’ve mapped out 99% of this, working on streamlining functions for this and basically re-inventing how an existing app works to help keep the lights running. Oi.

I’ve got myself notes on the current database, file structure, and going to tie that all into a magical little script which works to build a backup of data which the current system has no backup option at all, going to make it on-demand too for the customer + tune up some old code aside from this new number.

Low on sleep, but writing strangely helps clear my brain, even if I’m not skilled at making sure the correct form of “your” is in there 😉 I do what helps and this helps focus and clear my head, so now, onto the fresh dev box I just built out to get coding. Happy Tuesday All!

Not everything is something.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a break and just wrote. Not part of the “Post Something” I do daily, and with this sad moment, I’m waiting right now for three emails, five server updates, and Lilly is playing with a birthday gift – I’m taking 5 minutes to write.

Hackintosh. While I could have just gone down to the Apple Store at the mall, I can’t get something custom, and with the MacBook Pro cropping up with errors. It was time to look, and an iMac would have been nice, but if I bought from the store I’m limited to stock configurations 🙁 Thus enter the Hackintosh.

The thing I love is ease of upgrade! Too I’m getting 2x the power of my Macbook Pro, and room for things like additional storage. 32GB of memory for a fraction of what Apple would charge me, and in the end because the original build I wanted going out of stock, I saved $120 in the end switching to a smaller build (ITX based).

Parts should be here tomorrow, I’ll likely post some to Instagram, maybe a post on it here, and a follow-up on maybe Tech Friendly Help (which if things calm down further, needs some TLC!).

Well my writing time is nearly done,


TFH. That’s the new site. No link. No major details. Just I’ve decided on a project. I’ve talked to a few people about it with mixed feedback, but I think I’ll give it a whirl.

What will it be? Not 100% sure. Part YouTube, Part Blog, Part Social Media Explosion! (Yes I said explosion.)

I have wanted to do a project like this for some time. I like the idea, I like the name, I like it a lot. As I build things out I’ll give some sneak peeks of the site, maybe too let friends in, to give feedback.

Been busy lately! Doing a lot of prep for this new site as I want it to be a go-getter out the door, even going to start building articles. I want to give this a honest and full resources try as a alternative source of income! (Some folks are making $8k->$30k doing this stuff!)
Leading into this next week I hope to have so many projects off the table, so much I fired a customer today. Well rather put my foot down and said “Here are my terms to keep working” a few others I am going to weed out. As an old boss went over once with folks “Angel Customers vs Demon Customers”. While these few I’m weeding out aren’t demonic they are huge time issues.
So a lot of things moving forward, projects with more hours, building out two servers tonight! Lilly Grace is having better nights! (Actually GIGGLED! in her sleep! Teething break!) I must say a nicer thing to be hearing as I work 🙂

Keep me in your prayers, a lot happening! This old body is trying to keep up!

Oh and one last thing… Who’s 1, and got a 2nd $10 Jamba Juice gift card from daddy’s IT Job? This cutie:

Writer’s Block

I’ve been wanting to write lately, but what to write?

I am back on a kick in which I’ve said to myself:

“Self, start a website”

And yet, I have 3 current website projects for customers which I have yet to complete. Some are hold ups on “approvals” others are ones I’m stuck and trying as hard as I can to complete.

The desire is on my heart though to create a website which is helpful, one that works in the realm of Q&A, providing visitors with a portal in which to have common tech questions answered.

“But where is the money?!”

Well I set out to answer that question, and did you know there are bloggers out there posting about their passions, expertise, and even just helpful tips who make anywhere from $3,000->$10,000 a month? Well I didn’t either, but I’ve found a ton and their sites are actually fun to read!

I am leaning more and more towards the project, may not be the BEST use of my time, but at the end of the day, I think I’d enjoy it.

The personal blog isn’t as much as a huge desire for me anymore, I still want to try and do a post a day to provide a personal outlet – but I’d like my posts to be more than just a place to vent.

For now, keep checking back – maybe something random or a picture of a cute kid now and again 🙂

Project Fi so far….

fi_logo_sq_1200So in getting started with Project Fi, I got 2 boxes, my new Nexus 6, and the “welcome kit” which included a case, headphones, and a battery pack for giving me some on the go recharging ability so all in all not too shabby.

Now one thing I can safely say so far (I pray it doesn’t change!) is the ease of customer support! Live chat twice now has me taken care of without a hiccup, all easy fixes, even the # porting was confusing, I have a Google Voice # which I’ve had since Google Voice was Grand Central, even had a $1 promo credit, all that said it could take 5 days to migrate, was done in about an hour – and then a hangup with texts routing only through Hangouts was a quick Hangouts App upgrade, then un-checking a box. Easy.

So how do I like it thus far? An under 24 hours review? Pretty awesome:

I am paying $50/m which breaks down to $20 unlimited talk/text + $30 for 3GB of data, which is pay for what you use, even if I go over I like that it’s simply billed by what you use, so if I use 3.1GB of data, I get billed $1 extra. Simple. Easy.

I’ve used the phone around town a little, again under 24 hours and even now I need to work on a project to fix fonts, but I’m exhausted and its nearly 1AM – but I love the service thus far, it’s kicking butt where Verizon is lacking, even tonight according to a handy little app I found in the ever amazing Project Fi Google+ Community, I’ve been on Sprint’s Spark network – I made a call without issues, no lag, no delays or as I like to call those things now “Acceptable Failure Rates” according to Verizon Wireless.

So far in Bakersfield at least where Mighty Magenta and Big Red have made claims of “EVERYWHERE NETWORK” and where maps bleed magenta all over this town, there are serious dead spots, now big score to Magenta is that they have WiFi calling, solves a lot of issues, now Big Red offered me the honor of buying a booster which uses the internet, but costs me $250, a manager offered $35 off, and a phone support rep claims their manager offered $75 off, but to buy MORE to simply be able to use my service with Big Red? No thanks.

What does this mean? Jump ship go all in Google? Not just yet, again this is day 1, by Monday I may be cursing its name, but even so the Nexus 6 works with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and rumored well with Verizon, so I have options if it simply doesn’t play well moving forward, but so far I’m hopeful, and just like the G1, I enjoy trying Google’s koolaid 🙂 (It’s grape!)

Got any questions? Want to try to get an invite to join in? Visit and sign-up with your Gmail account today, or if you want to take a peek at the hardware and setup, hit me up on hangouts, invite me for Starbucks, I’ll get you a look 🙂

I want to build a website…

So I work in the world of websites, and I buzz around and see some great content out there and think to myself it’d be great not to really compete but more add to the world of content out there in the tech realm.

Some great content like MKBHD (YouTube/Twitter) which does amazing tech reviews, this kid is awesome! Giving a fair review of hardware, giving even big companies his wish list on what he’s not really a fan of, he put together a video about building a dream phone!

Now in comparison I hit a video which I’ll leave un-named/un-linked which in their review of the Nexus 6 the reviewer off-camera begin to rant and swear a bit about the camera and a few other features. Now granted everyone can have their opinion, but there are so many more words in the english language which could have to really deliver his frustrations for the lacking of the phone.

Lastly I’m a big DIY guy, this sometimes frustrates Daisy to no end sometimes I think, because where she sees a time to “Call the repairman” I see the “well let’s take this apart” or “I can buy the supplies we need to do this ourselves!” I’m no different when it comes to tech, to the point that I’ve had massive Emails & Facebook Chats with folks about doing some self repairs. Sure sometimes they end up saying “Too much!” and come drop off a desktop/laptop – but I’m a solutions guy, if I can teach I’ll teach – same way I am with my customers.

So what would be a good fit? I’ve looked at doing a Q&A website, just let folks tweet/email/im whatever their questions, and then pick a handful to answer and give my spin? Sure I could do advertising and maybe like the ol HappyPalm days with Roger, Jon and Jason we could pick up some freebies here and there, but I’d love to make my side job less odds and ends and more knee-deep in reviews and helping folks vs. helping a single company with computer repair.

Got an idea? Help me brainstorm this a bit! Maybe it’s time to bring HappyPalm back? Jon? Jason? Roger? Feel like getting geeky?