Chromebook Devbook?

My time upright the past week has been very minimal. 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there – whatever this pain is coming from is getting very old.

Since I am not at a stable desktop I am working on Laptops and while the Macbook is great – it eats through battery pretty quick, and the Chromebook – well its not built for dev. out of the box it lacks solid applications unless they are web based and codeanywhere and a few other web based IDE’s are nice, just not the same flexibility I’m used to with Atom or another editor.

Enter Chromebook Linux support. A nice addition.

I managed to get Filezilla & Atom both running – I’d love to see sshfs running so I can mount SFTP as a drive, but for now a working PHP editing station with really good battery life is a nice change of pace.

Going to fire a few more minutes between waves of pain, but hoping to get to sleep soon if the pain can die down a bit – not ideal but Monday I get a chance to see a GP and maybe get some answers as to what is going on with this old cranky body of mine.

Night all.

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