Don’t go to the ER… So I did.

Since the start of the cancer process one thing has been stressed:

Don’t go to the ER.

This risk especially if my white count is low is infection and bad things happen when you have no immunity and get things of any size, like the common cold. Well Monday – my cancer center sent me to the ER, via Ambulance as my breathing was bad, my counts were tanked, and I was plain not doing good.

So what happened?! They honestly aren’t 100% still but basically my lungs are scarred from the radiation, so some damage which was inflamed it seems, some fluid in the lungs which could be puenomia, poor vitals (o2 low, bp low 80/60, bleeding from the nose, lowish platelets, etc.) I say etc. because I honestly don’t remember the bucket list but by the time we got checked in on Monday they had ordered a chest CT scan to rule out clots and get a better look since my d-dimers were high they were checkecing clotting everywhere from Chest, Legs, Heart, you name it – so by Tuesday I was Mr. Scan. Ultrasound of legs, EKG, Heart Scan, and then results of the CT scan from the night before! No clots, but some funky on the CT so pulmenologist brought in to review.

So long story short, Pumenologist? Kind of repeated previous scans from CT/PET for cancer stuff, doesn’t look good but with additions, scar tissue in how he did his CT was present and causing constriction, making it hard to breathe but possible pueinomia due to fluid in the lungs – but he has since given us more and said the possible “cancer” they said could be in the lungs is likely simply the inflamed scarring from radiation! So its still “a maybe” type setup but I’m praying its that basic.

So scans and such done, day 3 was more or less anti-biotic and monitor day, I’ve managed to actually get myself upright with the help of my mom her years of OT work she’s getting me ready to go home, and with going home being able to stand and not fall over? Pretty important. So I actually completed a stand last night on my own and was super pumped but we are still working on it, and for a bit I’m going to be oxygen dependent but honestly? Takes such a strain off my body its awesome, so hopefully now poast new years we can get a perscription in and get me ready for home with some oxygen!

So overall – still not 100% – but I’m thinking my body was just at its breaking point, we didn’t do Chemo this week due to the low numbers and issues, so my body has had 4 days of hospital and has rested/been anti-biotic’d, sterioided, etc. so hoping nearly a week of medical attention I can go home today, if so be nice to have the benefits of O2 + Steriods to help give my body more rest as needed, but too give it a break from working hard on breathing!

So sorry for the short posts, my wife and my mom both did posts on FB, but honestly just wasn’t there yet myself, feeling a bit more clear today and while not a ton of sleep still woke up early and hope to see my own bed today! Thanks for the prayers and such – better days ahead, maybe even more functional so keep those prayers a-comin!

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