Farewell Debt. It wasn’t fun.

Been a few times in my life I used credit cards a wee bit much – expanding the business and needed to extend funds, then the gamble didn’t pay off, then life happened, then it got backed up – but this month I have finished off 2 lines of credit! 2! Both were closed long ago with no further transactions allowed so its just been debt I’ve been slowly chipping away at, but one was so close vs. waiting a few months to knock it down, just killed it. The other was a bit more but I just felt like why keep it hanging its the lowest hanging fruit, and it’s done.

Leaves me with 3 lines of credit left, and adjusted 2 of them today to take the amounts from the other two and increase how quickly they come down, exciting stuff! The 3rd if these two jobs I can wrap up this week may just do a quick lump payment and knock it down a peg but chemo brain is in full effect so might not be the ideal week, but going to try and get these projects wrapped by tomorrow, one does rely on a customer but I think they’ll want to get going sooner than later so shouldn’t be so bad.

Woohoo! Debt-free here I come!

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