I want to build a website…

So I work in the world of websites, and I buzz around and see some great content out there and think to myself it’d be great not to really compete but more add to the world of content out there in the tech realm.

Some great content like MKBHD (YouTube/Twitter) which does amazing tech reviews, this kid is awesome! Giving a fair review of hardware, giving even big companies his wish list on what he’s not really a fan of, he put together a video about building a dream phone!

Now in comparison I hit a video which I’ll leave un-named/un-linked which in their review of the Nexus 6 the reviewer off-camera begin to rant and swear a bit about the camera and a few other features. Now granted everyone can have their opinion, but there are so many more words in the english language which could have to really deliver his frustrations for the lacking of the phone.

Lastly I’m a big DIY guy, this sometimes frustrates Daisy to no end sometimes I think, because where she sees a time to “Call the repairman” I see the “well let’s take this apart” or “I can buy the supplies we need to do this ourselves!” I’m no different when it comes to tech, to the point that I’ve had massive Emails & Facebook Chats with folks about doing some self repairs. Sure sometimes they end up saying “Too much!” and come drop off a desktop/laptop – but I’m a solutions guy, if I can teach I’ll teach – same way I am with my customers.

So what would be a good fit? I’ve looked at doing a Q&A website, just let folks tweet/email/im whatever their questions, and then pick a handful to answer and give my spin? Sure I could do advertising and maybe like the ol HappyPalm days with Roger, Jon and Jason we could pick up some freebies here and there, but I’d love to make my side job less odds and ends and more knee-deep in reviews and helping folks vs. helping a single company with computer repair.

Got an idea? Help me brainstorm this a bit! Maybe it’s time to bring HappyPalm back? Jon? Jason? Roger? Feel like getting geeky?

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