ifttt_wordmark_screen-1384a63ace5c07673017351df41a74fcEver wanted a personal assistant? Come on. You know you do, well let me introduce you to one of my handy-dandy-must have websites IFTTT (If this then that) it is a rather nifty & handy little website which can do some amazing things with your favorite websites & your smart phone.

So let’s say when ever someone tags you on Facebook in a photo and you say:

Oh that photo is awesome! I should download it!

Of course then the 3 Ads pop up for Candy Crush, and then you see the post from your cousin about your favorite TV show about puppies, well that photo can fall through the cracks you may or may not get it back – that’s where your handy-dandy assistant IFTTT comes in to place!

You can build rules for a number of websites not just Facebook, I use an app on my smart phone called DASH which can track my truck’s stats, I don’t use it always, but I’ve got a little bluetooth adapter that plugs into the computer port in the car and it gives all sorts of information like speed, rpm’s etc. and after I’ve parked it tells me my fuel efficiency and such – quite nice! Now with IFTTT you can build out warnings, I built a few which warn me about things like check engine, low fuel, etc. Super handy!

Another simple one I do is since it has an Android App (iPhone too!) it can do notifications on my phone, so every morning @ 7:30am it sends me the High/Low temp + Sunset Time! Super handy, and another example with my Fitbit, every day’s steps inserted into a Spreadsheet on Google Docs! All automatically!

Give it a shot! You can build some fun automatons! I’ll share a few more of mine soon but here’s a few I already do share.

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