Just a sterotypical Monday.

Oi. What a day. I’ll get to the cancer stuff another day, but computer-wise – really?!

So basically what happened is I sat down to test a drive, and when I looked at it – seemed all good… however turns out I have the same M.2 drive – didn’t realize I bought the same one as my primary system drive, and after having an Android phone format the new M.2 portable setup, I thought “why did it do so many partitions?! I just need the single one for storage.” The reason? That partition layout was my main drive.

Thankfully it simply trashed a partition that didn’t contain my primary data, but it screwed up my boot setup so I figured “I tinkered with this install, let’s just rebuild it.”

So a quick run of this:

rsync -azvv --progress /home/cbrown /run/media/cbrown/m2baby/.

I freshly backed up 81GB of data in like 1 hour? Then was able to install Manjaro fresh and clean and shiny, then took a snapshot of my installed apps and restored that, while data restored, then once it was done an hour later (okay an hour and a little change, disk access was a little busy) I rebooted, and I’m 100% good to go, Wavebox, Chrome, etc. all loading up fine even Steam Games.

Never was able to do that with Windows in the olden days, unless I had a good snapshot – it was reinstall like mad, then re-configure, re-everything – but all my apps carried over without issue, only thing left to check is to see if screen savers kick in with Xscreensaver installed we shall see!

But a typical Monday ended in an adjusted backup script to the new M.2 portable stick, but with rsync’ing it 81GB stays fresh and only brings new goodies – so again I could complain, but in the end, it all just worked.

I’ll talk a bit about what’s going on in Cancer land in a few days, as I have no real “solid” answers, to some degree, but in the end more docs to talk to, some good/bad news – but I have a peace, thus why I am not rushing out saying “HIT THOSE KNEES! LET’S PRAY!” now you can always pray – but not looking to worry anything with at some level, unknowns. More soon though!

For now wrapping up the day, nice to have a working station again, tomorrow if I’m up – tuning up the Hackintosh as my new gateway to the network – lots on my head to do, but for now hoping to wind down and sleep soon. Night all.

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