Married Life!


It has been a while! Seems like life just keeps going and going and going! If you’re a friend on Facebook you likely know the news. I got married!

We toyed with dates, tried to come up with the perfect day again and again we’d plan big, we’d scale down small, then just core people! Oh we had paper with names jotted down, had catering costs, church costs, destination weddings – you name it! And in the end, all of that planning we said our vows at our church with the Pastor and 2 witnesses.

We’ve had quite the adventure in our first week of marriage, and now into week three, the adventure continues! We have been moving me in, cleaning, rearranging, fixing up and settling into living together! I’ve been enjoying cooking, made some tasty enchiladas last night (if I do say so myself, Daisy did too!) 🙂

I’ve really found it neat to talk to folks who recount to me the way things came together:

Was so excited when I saw you were engaged, then it was like no time at all and it was MARRIED that’s so cool, I’m so happy!

I know in my family there were longer engagements but for us it’s worked. Are we perfect? Nope! But we have three things going for us, Love for God and Love for Each Other and We’re just awesome people 😀

We have so much going on, trying to get 2 people to fit in a house (I have stuff…) lol but too catching up on sleep! We’ve literally been go go go since Day 1 (Daisy even got in a half marathon!), I’ll rest soon enough! But going to ask openly and honestly for your continued prayers! Been quite the journey so far, and more amazing things to come! As my laundry is going in the garage, and load of dishes going in the kitchen, was time for a quick break, but back to it! Need to go do some running around, already grabbed our new devotional and want to get some more milk! 😀

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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  1. News of your recent nuptials has reached this far-flung colony of Her Majesty and her subjects have rejoiced at the news! We trust that your life together in the Americas, far across the Pacific Ocean, is blessed with both love and longevity! And with that, New Zealand and her peoples wish you pleasant laundering of garments and cooking of vittles. Hip Hip Horrah!

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