My back is braced!

Ladies try to control yourselves. Yes. I am wearing this from my wife, and it’s been a life saver. Not hurting as bad, still sore/achy but compared to stabbing/throbbing/wanting someone to club me over the head and put me down for a few hours, this works.

I’ve been able to function most of today, I did take a brief 35 minute break away from the chair, simply trying to give my back a break but made some amazing progress on projects today, something to be said about your body not being in a bad place to be able to have focus! 

Tonight is round 2 of a upgrade project, last night it went mostly ok – just hit some snags in the move to upgrade the eComm on the site, but got it all resolved, actually just started my snapshot of the site, linked in the new licenses for those expired and about to expire, and prepping to dig in @ 10pm.

All in all this week was a bit of a loss, but at the end of the day, happy to simply not be in as much pain and be able to function! I do have a Doctor’s appt. in about 10 days, so before I age I get to have a doc check me out too – even if my back is fine, still going to just get a checkup and talk about non-blood sugar things if needed. 

Anywhoo – stalling from working (even though in the last 20 minutes I wrote a very nice Pretty URL system inspired in part from Tuts+ article) but looks good and cleans up URL’s very nicely – allows me to get geo-location and too pass customers off to other parts of an application, I had this “kind of” working in a test environment but something about cPanel’s .htaccess rules always gets cranky – but another thing off the list, hoping by next week to have 2 major projects completely done and relax for a day… maybe and a half. 😀 (ah one can dream!)

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