My next Netflix binge…

I’m a big watcher of movies/tv – well at one time I was, lately its Sesame Street / Martha Speaks / Daniel Tiger… I know – I’m complex.

I’m looking to start my next Netflix binge, I previously watched The Office start to finish, awesome ending, if you were a fan but missed it, definitely worth a watch – it was great to see many familiar faces which showed up to send the show off with an amazing send-off.

So the next show should  be…. what? I need something mellow and funny – any ideas? I started some on White Collar which I think they have the full series now for streaming – but still, suggestions?

5 thoughts on “My next Netflix binge…”

  1. You might like How I Met Your Mother? It is similar to The Office… but can have some profanity and be rather vulgar at times. But overall pretty hilarious!! I loved The Office myself 😉 HIMYM is similar in comedy but I also liked the cute story line that kept going until the very end!


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