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Cancer is one of those things that’s really taken up most of my time, ya think about it as you are having bone pain, curious if the treatment is helping, but tech wise at home, I’ve come to a conclusion that I want to slowly phase out my primary rig for Linux vs. Mac.

Why Linux?

Why not? Free, secure. I use it nearly every day from the command line as is, and even on my mac using Terminal to do a lot of common tasks – so it seems like the logical option – even looked at an option to virtualize my current Mac possibly set it up on KVM to run it on a second monitor as a dedicated piece of hardware.

Then the old PC thinking of making it into a computer for the girls, something possibly Linux or ChromeOS – haven’t landed on which yet, but keep it simple, clean and secure so Daisy can do her shopping/banking without worry and Lilly can do some ABC Mouse and Reading Eggs etc.


Well I wanted to go AMD Ryzen and chose one with graphics built in, and did some research on how well its supported, basically just have to ensure the kernel is current, but even then as it becomes more primary probably just pull the Radeon RX560 from the Mac and put it in the new Linux box which then also will lead to 2 new monitors as the old Dell 27in’ers I had one died, currently using the TV in the office as monitor 2 but for the linux rig get 2 27 or 32 in monitors for a bit of multi-tasking.

The parts are supposed to be in on Wednesday, so Kindergarten -> Rest -> Errands -> Shot or Pickup Lilly – not sure which but hoping energy holds and we can push back Wednesday’s shot – as Neupogen as it builds up to restore my white count really really makes the bones hurt – and by Friday I may be getting some more meds.

But that’s cancer talk! Parts Wednesday!


As I didn’t want to break the bank, but still have some decent power went Ryzen 5 2400G (3.6Ghz but can scale to 3.9Ghz) should be interesting to see how it stacks up to the Intel i5 3.5Ghz in the Mac – but 16GB of ram, the same case I have now for the Mac, but an NVME drive as the primary, should blow away speed and then some.

Manjaro Linux for the starting flavor, see how it handles the hardware, I don’t have a home Linux rig dedicated at the moment, but some SSH keys to regenerate once thins are stable and running, but if not I have a few thumb drives I can test-run Ubuntu/Fedora/PopOS with as those are my secondary options – but I’ve really enjoyed Manjaro in testing on a Virtual Machine.

Should be fun to work with and get rolling with as a new primary desktop and really just ease into it overall, so we shall see how it all goes. Once it’s setup and running smooth – I’ll post a screenshot and update on performance, but moving forward, I think Linux will give me a bit more stability, vs. Hackintosh which honestly when things go wrong, I just don’t have the time anymore to really dig into it, and the solution of just buying a mac – the new Mac Mini’s are really about as much as I’d spend, however they felt sluggish and not as responsive – so build it, Linux it, something new/old! 😀

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