Not everything is something.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a break and just wrote. Not part of the “Post Something” I do daily, and with this sad moment, I’m waiting right now for three emails, five server updates, and Lilly is playing with a birthday gift – I’m taking 5 minutes to write.

Hackintosh. While I could have just gone down to the Apple Store at the mall, I can’t get something custom, and with the MacBook Pro cropping up with errors. It was time to look, and an iMac would have been nice, but if I bought from the store I’m limited to stock configurations 🙁 Thus enter the Hackintosh.

The thing I love is ease of upgrade! Too I’m getting 2x the power of my Macbook Pro, and room for things like additional storage. 32GB of memory for a fraction of what Apple would charge me, and in the end because the original build I wanted going out of stock, I saved $120 in the end switching to a smaller build (ITX based).

Parts should be here tomorrow, I’ll likely post some to Instagram, maybe a post on it here, and a follow-up on maybe Tech Friendly Help (which if things calm down further, needs some TLC!).

Well my writing time is nearly done,

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