PS:48 – Instruments


The lyrics of a song “Instrument” by Matt Maher hit me tonight, mainly the chorus, but it starts off like this:

Where there is hatred Lord, let me sow your love
Where there’s injury, let forgiveness be enough
Are we giving up, fighting the good fight
Where there is despair, just a flicker in the flame
Could break the veil of night

To the Father and the Son
And the Holy Spirit, three in One
I offer you myself, though I’m broken and spent
Let me be Your instrument
Let me be Your instrument

If you want to listen to it, definitely worth a listen, it’s on Matt’s Youtube Page.

I’ve had a rough couple of years. Life has not been easy, not been fair, not been what I feel is “pro chuck”, and I try to remember that it is not about Me, but it is about God first and foremost, and I think what instrument am I?

I am broken and spent. God has no mighty use for me, but yet He uses me. To help the church with a website that helps bring in new people. A voice to someone who’s broken. A hand up to the person on the street. But is that my only instrument?

The definition is “a tool or implement, especially one for delicate or scientific work.” or “an object or device for producing musical sounds.” either way a work to bring something to be changed or bring attention with sound. I want my life more than anything to be able to never ceasing to bring joy to God.

One day I hope to be able to share my story entirely, it has been quiet these past few years, my life isn’t out there as much as it used to be, but who knows as I cling more and more to God, maybe He’ll show me where my life again will be an instrument to God, for it was never about praise of Chuck, it was about sharing a life that God was trying to work in, where I allowed and where I failed for life is full of good and bad days.

If you are a steady reader of this blog, and for the stats at least 2 read it! (Hi Google Bot!) I’d ask for your prayers, life is crazy right now, busy, stressful, sad and exhausted. God’s got something planned I’m sure but right now trying to avoid my story of Job resulting in me cursing God and dying, for I know he has something big planned on the other side of the dark, for out of it can only be light. I want to be an instrument again!

PS:47 – Z Carnival


No, not a zombie carnival. The wife had a carnival and took the kid too – I think she had fun:


Ran the Lolipop booth, not many folks understood it, as when kids got this sad look that they didn’t have a dot on the end of the stick and put the candy back! Such sad sad faces 🙁

I am still working tonight – hoping to be to bed by 4 am. Too much work to do.


PS:46 – Making Money!


So the drone videos are apparently picking up some minor popularity! I have heard from a few people they are “relaxing” and to boot I’ve got them marked for monetization so as to this point, my projected income is… oh wait for it…. it’s amazing:


Cha-Ching! I honestly didn’t set out to make money doing this, the idea was to relax, and share my time attempting to relax with others (except you get a lovely song playing while you watch) – I wish sometimes I could record the sounds around me, the breeze and the birds!

I do have a few ideas for upcoming flights, possibly this weekend! No spoilers, you’ll just have to watch!

PS:45 – Encouragement


I deal with a lot of problems in a day/week/month/year – and folks don’t always start off with “I appreciate your hard work!” in fact most times it is high-stress entry to “OH MY GOD ITS DOWN!” or “OH MY GOD I’M HACKED!” or “WHERE IS MY TIGER!”.

Okay, that last one is Lilly. That’s easily fixed. 🙂

But encouragement and positive doesn’t always come in the IT industry. One of the primary reasons I think that IT guys as a stereotype are a big gruff and not too personal. It’s an under appreciated job. Because let’s face it we think of technology as needing to always just “be there” and folk don’t realize the stress in sometimes fixing or restoring things.

I helped set up an old friend with some hosting, and we had a little back and forth catching up a tad – he wrote this:

Image 2016-03-02 at 8.58.09 AM

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself as an inspriation. After a month that didn’t really help with calm downtime or low work stress, a nice reminder that God is in control, I may have a Job Moment or three, but God is still God.

Nice to be built up. Time to tackle this day!


PS:44 – Spam. I hate thee.


Spam is something that I strongly dislike. Nay… Hate. It wastes bandwidth, infects, offers things I don’t need/want/care about!

Well, lately everything is spam according to major providers. I’ve spent about 80% of my day handling blacklists which are blocking just about every-single-server I have a hand in.

I think by mid-year RBL removals will be a thing I do for an hourly wage because it’s so far outside of normal administration that in some cases I’m re-patching with customers have un-done and cleaning up garbage sites which are just blasting crap.

I may be in a cranky mood and need a nap. I leave you with this: Die Spam Die.

PS:43 – Latest Flight


So in an attempt to relax on my birthday went for a drone flight:

Took some photos too! Haven’t posted many of those, but I think I’m going to post some online soon! For now, since I’m exhausted after a rough weekend which included a sick Lilly 🙁 I’m going to get back to work and try to wrap up for the evening so I can sleep tonight.

PS:40 – What is TFH?


A while back I came up with an idea. Like all good ideas, they don’t go anywhere! I’ve invested money in hardware, logo design, software, and have some main articles written. For what? Tech Friendly Help.

The goal? Just as the name states: Friendly Tech Help. I’ve got a slew of article ideas, video guides, you name it. But it’s finding the time to write, properly review and so much more! Even now writing this in-between a data recovery & server migration (server 1 of 2) – Throw in a kid and all other areas of life? Oi.

So how do I move on this? Next week one of my posts here will be a welcome video that I hope to produce next week after things get rolling smoothly.

I’d love to see the site take off and be something helpful for folks. I know so many who even to me come sheepishly asking for repair of this, or should they buy that? Hope to provide a lot of great information to get a good grip on the tech that troubles you.

So stay tuned. Fun things ahead.

PS:39 – Raspberry Pi 2


Well got an early birthday present of a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve looked at some projects including a NAS for projects. Currently, I’ve got it set up as a LAMP setup to do some web dev.

I have been looking at though making a smart mirror! There are some projects using the Pi as a brain for a delightful display that shines through the mirror – super cool idea and who knows may make a nice gig to sell on Etsy or something similar.

Loving it so far, have it running headless in the other room, but lovely to have a low footprint for a system and next to nothing in power, even runs on battery power so may make a storage system for the truck! Lots of options!