How Can It Be?

Me and Lilly have been rocking out to this song since it came out, it’s been on the playlist and it’s just has a great message:

I am guilty
Ashamed of what I’ve done, what I’ve become
These hands are dirty
I dare not lift them up to the Holy one

You plead my cause, you right my wrongs
You break my chains, you overcome
You gave your life to give me mine
You say that I am free
How can it be, how can it be?

I’ve been hiding
Afraid I’ve let you down, inside I doubt
That you still love me
But in your eyes there’s only grace now

You plead my cause, you right my wrongs
You break my chains, you overcome
You gave your life to give me mine
You say that I am free
How can it be, how can it be?

Though I fall, you can make me new
From this death I will rise with you
Oh, the grace reaching out for me
How can it be, how can it be?

You plead my cause, you right my wrongs
You break my chains, you overcome
You gave your life to give me mine
You say that I am free
How can it be, how can it be?

How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle (Lyrics from AZLyrics)

Sometimes I think for many (myself included) we get lost in the beat, or the sound of music and we forget to listen to the words, what the artist wasn’t just trying to convey with a catchy tune but rather the message linked with it – how powerful a reminder of this alone:

I’ve been hiding
Afraid I’ve let you down, inside I doubt
That you still love me
But in your eyes there’s only grace now

I do this so much, I think that time and time again if I hit a failure that I’ve just failed God so horribly, but in honesty even as the verse that pop’d up from the bible app (1 John 1:9) God’s love doesn’t just stop because of one failure, or one shortcoming, or even a HUGE failure, that’s what God’s grace is all about, something with honestly don’t deserve but He provides freely!

Remember today to don’t just hum the tune, let the words of positive songs be written on your heart as you hum them out 🙂

Webhosting is a Blessing!

13 years and counting. Hard to believe that its only been 13 years! Feel like the spirit of what FlockHosting does has been around a lot longer! I started helping Christian bands ages ago my old friend Pete Prevost before he was in Sanctus Real was in a band called “Johnny Come Lately”, I remember all those years ago building a page for the payment of … Taco Bell.

Well in some ways not much has changed, FlockHosting is an act of love, hosting over 100+ churches (looking forward to doing more!), I have customers all over the world and others here at home!

I’ve been insanely blessed, sure I’d love to see it produce a bit more income, but when you hear things like this:

Thanks so much for providing this service, we’re seeing new people come to our church just because they could find us on the internet when they move to the area and see what we do. I hope God is blessing you in all the work you do. – Andy C.

Wow. Plain wow. This is what I’ve always wanted to see folks do with FlockHosting, sure I have Thrust Networks which is the real core company, it’s the LLC everything is under, and operates, but honestly I love doing this ministry to churches.

I want to grow FlockHosting even more, I’d love to see it really just spring into action but the world of Shared Hosting slows down, as more and more companies offer the design, hosting, etc. all in one price, and I don’t have 3,000 employees – but who knows maybe I can find a way like I mention in the recent FlockUpdate doing some design at affordable rates (not the $10,000+ you see some places) but keeping it affordable and looking good! So some challenges ahead!

God is Good, and just give Him the entire business to do with as He sees fit!

Just being Silly…. That’s my Lilly <3


Lilly coming up on a year old has left me with a number of journeys with this kid – wouldn’t trade a minute of screaming nights or fussy moods, she’s my beautiful girl who more days than frowns choose to shine those beautiful big eyes and smile that ever-increasing toothy grin 🙂

We hit the big 1-year-old this month! Sharing a birthday with 2 other family members, but they all don’t mind to share 🙂 This kid is growing like a weed and eating like a kid twice her size! Love her to pieces my lil Lilly Grace!

Being Still.

It’s not always easy to just let go, in the end it’s so much easier, but really who is ever still? This video is a great reminder and I sing it in the truck as Lilly sings along:

A powerful song by Jeremy Camp, the lyrics are beautiful and remind me that sometimes I just need to be still and let God be God.

The Lyrics:

“Be Still”

Lord help me now to face this battle
My strength has failed and my eyes can’t see
Through the waves of doubt that take me under
In the chaos I hear you speak

Be still and know that You are my God
Be still and know that You are enough
Though my heart is racing still You’re in control
Be still and know that You are my God

You brought me rest in times of struggle
I lay my head down at Your feet
The storm in me that I can’t wrestle
Is calmed when I hear you speak

You are faithful
And Your love endures forever
Yes, Your love endures forever
You are able
In You I’ll stand forever
Yes, in You I’ll stand forever

Though my heart is racing still You’re in control. That’s something I lose site of too often, and sometimes I have to remind myself that indeed God is in control, and I need to let go of the reigns of my life and let Him lead where I don’t know to even tread. God is Good.
Be blessed folks! Thanks for reading!

Back to writing!

I have been out of the writing game for a while, this very blog has been quiet…. far too quiet. So to really get back into writing (be it well written or not!) I’m going to pickup my blog again! May be a thought on a  verse from my daily devotional, thoughts on a song, review of a movie, game, software, thoughts of running a hosting company – or cute things Lilly has done 🙂

Today is just a simple “I’ve posted” type post, I’m really still just getting back into the groove, and I plan to write at a few places like Light Unto Ministries (need to get back on schedule!), the FlockHosting Blog, and been considering some sort of tech website… but not sure what I’d really fully talk about, but one idea is a pick my brain/q&a type website to really flex my problem solving fun, since I do get emails/messages from folks asking me “How do I do this?” or wanting a fix for something, so may make that happen.

All in all, life is okay, busy lately – you try chasing around a nearly 1-year-old daughter 🙂 She’s a cutie though so I can’t complain at all!

Thanks for reading, if you still read this, more to come! Hopefully if I can stick to it, daily! Even if it’s just a picture, word, video, etc. some sort of content daily. See Ya!

2013 down… bring on 2014!

So what did you do last year? Oh nothing much, just changed my entire life around 🙂

Ah it has been quiet around here on the blog, a lot going on behind the scenes, a lot of things changing, and a lot of things in the works – 2013, what a year! Some losses, but some amazing gains – May not of been picture perfect the entire year but it was the start of something amazing, something of a journey the likes of which I’ve never experienced.


Who would of thought at the start of 2013 I’d end the year with a beautiful wife? Not I. I started the year off thinking it’d be a year like any other! Me and Tim vs. The World!  Sadly Tim didn’t make the entire journey of 2013, I miss the guy still and tear up when thinking of our entirely too brief journey together, but I love the fact that his ginger awesomeness was with me even for the season that it was, he helped me through some rough days, and he’s up in heaven awaiting for the day to hang out with me again!


2014 brings about a lot of changes without a doubt! Married for only 2 months as of Today! So much has happened and so much more is to come, so much I thought I understood and planned for and yet, I’m realizing I have yet to learn or fully be prepared for, but such is life, it’s a journey and I am going to enjoy it!

waitingpage2014 will have my business changing again, already drafted up the paperwork for some BIG changes in how I do business, hopefully all wrapped up in the first quarter of this year – from business status, to business credit card processing, you name it, a LOT is in transition! Going to see some new projects come online, some new ideas fly with how I work from home and more – this year is going to be HUGE with change!

Married life will change in 2014, still bringing our lives together from cell phone plans, internet access, even cooking! It’s a lot of learning more and more and more and more about each other! I have a lot to learn myself, and I’m doing my best to listen and learn!

Daisy and I are also doing a bit of bible challenge for ourselves, by doing the ENTIRE BIBLE in a year! (Link to the reading plan) Quite the undertaking and commitment, but the reading schedule is pretty well structured and if you’re even on the go you can simply goto the page and it links to the chapters directly for easy reading from your computer/smartphone – Join us!

The year behind and a new year ahead, even now my Facebook quote is so true even more so:

sometimes life isn’t what you expected, sometimes the greatest joys bring the worst hurts, sometimes the worst hurts bring the greatest joys. all things in their time, change can be good if you let it be.

While 2013 wrapped up maybe not exactly how I ever imagined it would end in the start of 2013, but I am excited and blessed by what it has started and what it will move 2014 to be – just have to remember to breathe, pray and keep moving forward.

Hope you all are starting a great 2014! Start it with prayer and focus on God for all things in your life and I hope to hear that your 2014 is going amazing! If it’s not post a comment and let me know how I can pray for you!

Married Life!


It has been a while! Seems like life just keeps going and going and going! If you’re a friend on Facebook you likely know the news. I got married!

We toyed with dates, tried to come up with the perfect day again and again we’d plan big, we’d scale down small, then just core people! Oh we had paper with names jotted down, had catering costs, church costs, destination weddings – you name it! And in the end, all of that planning we said our vows at our church with the Pastor and 2 witnesses.

We’ve had quite the adventure in our first week of marriage, and now into week three, the adventure continues! We have been moving me in, cleaning, rearranging, fixing up and settling into living together! I’ve been enjoying cooking, made some tasty enchiladas last night (if I do say so myself, Daisy did too!) 🙂

I’ve really found it neat to talk to folks who recount to me the way things came together:

Was so excited when I saw you were engaged, then it was like no time at all and it was MARRIED that’s so cool, I’m so happy!

I know in my family there were longer engagements but for us it’s worked. Are we perfect? Nope! But we have three things going for us, Love for God and Love for Each Other and We’re just awesome people 😀

We have so much going on, trying to get 2 people to fit in a house (I have stuff…) lol but too catching up on sleep! We’ve literally been go go go since Day 1 (Daisy even got in a half marathon!), I’ll rest soon enough! But going to ask openly and honestly for your continued prayers! Been quite the journey so far, and more amazing things to come! As my laundry is going in the garage, and load of dishes going in the kitchen, was time for a quick break, but back to it! Need to go do some running around, already grabbed our new devotional and want to get some more milk! 😀

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Remembering Tim.


He started out as such a tiny little ball of fur, thus why I went with the name Tim, he was my Tiny Tim. So tiny that he fit in one hand, and my special friend had some missing toes, and some back legs which weren’t perfect, but he was my little ginger buddy.

I remember I had a photo shoot the day Sharlie brought him over, she told me he was in need of some TLC and knew compared to a family with kids, I’d be one to take care of the little guy and make sure he got the care he needed.

He was tired, he was anxious, so he found a corner under my living room lamps and curled up into a small happy ball of fur. I went off to to a photo-shoot only to return to a cat perched on the couch saying “Where have you been?!” a behavior that continued for his entire life.

Tim was a good little cat, and he quickly grew into a big cat, with a tail that GREW bigger than he was, even the neighborhood kids loved his tail, even recently my uncle called Tim a “Cat Fox” as his tail was so big and poofy!

tim-headQuite the Facebook cat, many have watched the little guy grow from that little curious face above into the  full grown nap taking friend who has been through the crazy things of life, he was there when my job ended @ MLS, he was there after 5k’s and trips, he was always excited to see me and would follow me around for days after coming home to make sure I didn’t leave again.

Many have asked what happened, and I honestly don’t know, he went from earlier in the day tromping around in the backyard with mom to being weak, wobbly, and sore. He was sleeping a lot, and I came home to find him just breathing hard and not feeling to good – but as I have had cats in our family over the years figured “He’ll bounce back” as he’s been puny before and done fine, but as the day progressed he wasn’t doing too good, and after I woke up from nap, he cried a little as I came to see what was up and was petting him with mom, he took his last breath and was gone.

I’ve had my moments already, asked God why, been a little angry that this little guy would have to leave me so quickly, and yet I have a peace knowing that God put Tim in my life for a reason, to see me through some tough and lonely days, to be there and welcoming to me, to give me love – as my mom pointed out he was truly My Cat.

I’m sad. I can’t deny that, haven’t cried this much in ages, with my parents help we laid Tim to rest, said my goodbyes, Daisy came over to sit with me and hear stories, and just hold my hand as I cried. I’ve looked at a lot of old photos, since that  day in May over a year ago, when a little ginger man entered my life and found a spot where he could stay and be a friend that was always there when I came home, now He’s up in heaven once again waiting for me to come home.

I miss you Tim.

Resting on my chest :)
Resting on my chest 🙂