PS:115 – Creating

Something about creating that makes me feel good. I have been tinkering and getting better at 3D Printing (see Instagram photos to the right) and working up some fun ideas in my head and thus enter Tinkercad to work out an issue.

I wanted to get my Raspberry Pi’s camera mounted better than my current rigged setup of a cut piece of foam, with a twist tie holding the camera to something a bit more, stable. Thus, I searched around hoping maybe someone had fixed my issue, sadly most required M3 screws which I don’t have, and then most are meant to be screwed into the printer. I wanted simple!

Enter this design; it’s simple. Snaps, but had an M3 screw for the bottom, so why not just make an M3 shaped piece (with the proper sizes and all)? Then you just need a good wide base, throw in a space underneath for the camera’s cable, and you’d have a nice movable camera for a time lapse from any side 🙂

Image 2016-05-11 at 1.37.45 AM

Behold, the camera case + a nice stand! Still a prototype at this point, waiting for another test print off the printer to be done (fixing up print errors with some settings tweaked) but once it’s confirmed working, I’ll upload the 4inch high stanThingiverseverse + make it public on Tinkercad should anyone want it.

Simple, but hopefully more to come! Need anything printed? Helps me learn! Just let me know!


PS:114 – 3D Printer

Wow a lot to take in, unsure if my current settings are good, but trying the print and learning as I go, I’ll try and update this with a few prints by the end of the day, even if they are messy and funky like the one I did print, I think Hatchbox PLA needs higher heat than what I’m working with – experimenting as I go!

I don’t promise anything as sadly Lilly is a little clingy today, and we aren’t getting much of anything done. Happy Tuesday!

PS:113 – Busy Busy

Today seemed to never end, even towards the end of the day just kept going, thinking I was done, found 12 more things.

Kiddo and I built out my 3D Printer (okay she watched and picked up wrenches) she finally passed out around 12 (sleep is off and feeling puny) watching the print from my iPad – tomorrow hope to get in a print or two, but time will tell with a puny kiddo.

PS:110 – Need to feel inspired.

Lately, I don’t feel inspired. I feel pretty low. Some insanely difficult weeks ranging from personal to business, kiddo health, lack of sleep – you name it. It’s been difficult, and I get bursts of inspiration, but I just don’t have that “Conquer the world!” feel. I feel like I can’t even take a nap right.

One thing that inspires me a little is a vlogger named Casey Neistat, he recently talked on his vlog about following your dreams, not too shabby of a vlog, take a peek (some mild language, easily offended tread lightly):

This guy has some things I like, like drones. I was into it then he got into it, and it makes me go “WOW!” when he flies it around NYC! Impressive.

I want more positive in my life. More push that says “You can!” not “You can’t!” – I want that drive that says “You’ve made it, keep making it, grow it, build it, make it happen.”

Now Casey is one of those guys who helps me not give into that old TV Sitcom idea that “You give up when kids come” he has two kids, one which is little! And yet this guy has taken his daughter all over the world with him; he stays tuned with her over FaceTime when anywhere!

I want to grow. I want to just take off my business; sure it’s hosting, but I want it to be something bigger. I want to have the ability to load up the fam and go ANYWHERE and be blessed to have that fun and connections to companies, deals, things that are just me linked up and a valuable person!

I know I have value to some folks; I know I’ve made a change in lives around me, I know that in hosting folks in the past week have written some awesome things like:

I pastor a small church and thanks to Flock Hosting we are able to have some big church functionality! You folks are a real blessing!

It’s awesome that I do make a difference, but I want to feel like I’m moving forward, building, growing, and making more and more of an impact. I want to grow. Got a video or blogger that inspires you? Comment or email me and let me know!