PS:22 – Back on Track



After any outage it seems like a few things happen:

  • Customers Update Information on File.
  • Unpaid Invoices get paid.
  • Customer Problems found increase
  • Can you do _______ for me? Requests increase

It has been a crazy day. Not what I originally planned for this day, but as it stands got a good chunk done of things that are needing to be done, and I even took out the trash!

Hopefully, over the next week things will level out even more! Looking forward to hopefully next week things calming down and maybe a weekend that includes rest.


PS:21 – What can I do?


I know I’m all over the map lately. It’s my life currently. I’m at that spot where I’m waiting to see what this job offer brings. Why? Maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit more than just being the “company owner”.

July 2014 I did get a new title added to my business card: Dad. Big upgrade, huge list of responsibilities, and a cute little girl who does like laughing at my jokes.  But since then I’ve picked up bigger jobs, more work, more responsibility. Talk about stress.

I’ve looked at starting a website, I’ve tried expanding my product lines, I am upping my game, but sadly a lot of it falls flat. I started a ministry website before she was born, really looking to write and share my faith more online. The last post was April 2015. Not too active for over a year.

I want to be a good dad. My dad wasn’t the steady job guy for quite a long time. As a kid he was sick a lot, he did things like rebuilt cars, handyman work. He did get a 9-to-5 job, till he got hurt on the job, but my dad did his best to take care of us all – and that’s what I’m trying to do too.

I’ve been told “Chuck why don’t you do something else?” maybe this job is it. Sure same field, but dedicated pay, insurance, I could simplify my taxes! The lack of my own business I could turn things down, no LLC taxes, no long-form tax returns, simple.

The thing is I do love doing what I do. This past week has been insanely stressful, but at the end of the day, I’ve gotten some amazing responses from my client base. More of a club it feels like than a business sometimes, but imagine how much the stress goes down when you read:

Huzzah! Thank you for your heroic efforts.

Thanks, as always, for all that you do for us!

Everything looks perfect on our site. Praise the Lord!

Thanks Chuck for all you are doing!

Sure I had some customers not as happy, but in the end not a single customer left, and the lights continue to be up and online 95 hrs, 11 mins at the current check of remote monitoring.

It’s not all about the praise. I mean it doesn’t hurt 🙂 but at the end of the day I love working for these people. Sure it may not be $300 a month clients or billing them each for support @ $65/hour – but it’s a blessing to get a check from someone saying “Thanks for your help”. It’s nice to know your work is appreciated.

But I’m thinking more and more like a dad. So much coming up in life, so much I want to have Lilly do. Some tough choices to make do I stay or do I go.

Some things to definitely pray about.

PS:20 – Relaxing


Not something I have had a lot of these past few weeks. Work has been just plain insane. I just woke up from a big nap (all I know is it was light when I laid down), and now it’s 9 p.m.

Tonight my goal is to continue picking up my office space, already cleaned my desk, but that’s already helped me relax some as I can once again move my keyboard back and have room for my notebook.

I read an article once about creativity and getting outside to do things, and I’ve done that some. Not to the degree I’d want to mind you, but I really would love just to get out and take a huge walk. (note to self, new pair of walking shoes needed) An outdoor adventure would be great. Meteor shower is out till April, with the pending job, and a pile of work, the long trip may not be ideal till spring break.

I have a lot on my plate at the moment. A lot going on in life, and a lot that I’d love to write about, but probably shouldn’t until it’s a tad more evolved – but hopefully, Sunday/Monday relaxing will occur, I have wanted to take a camera or two and film the sunrise tomorrow morning or Monday morning.

For now, going to finish a few things, then see if my eyes will close again and let sleep come.

PS:19 – It’s Green.


I love this time of year. Cooler weather. Rain. Of course, after all, the GREEN! Check this picture full size!

The pic above says my thousand words for the day; it’s beautiful out there right now. Soon the wildflowers will be even more than they are now. Going to get some good shots this year!

Happy Friday All! I want a sleepy weekend!

PS:18 – The Bad Guy.


I’ve always known my kids would see me as the bad guy. I know they’d also see me as the fun guy, but I see Lilly even right now as I write this looking at me upset because every time she sits up I say “Lay Down” not yelling, not mean, but firm. She does it.

My dad if I focus on only correcting and directing I’d say he was the bad guy too. My mom may agree dad did the bad guy duties, but at the end of the day even my dad as the mean/bad guy – I knew he loved me. He’d even reassure me “I love you” as he corrected.

I look at my dad now even in his communication with me he always tells me as I go “I love ya son!” and that’s what I hope to replicate with Lilly. She may be a girl; she may become the Mommy’s Little Girl and get all girly. But at the end of the day, I want her to know – Dad loves her. Even if he’s correcting, or not pushing fun. He loves her.


PS:17 – Taking Help


I’m horrible at it. No. Really. Bad.

Even my brother last night posted to the company I may soon work for, that if I needed anything to do it for me, however, he noted:

He’s stubborn and probably won’t ask for help (love you Chuck)… But just in case he does, he has my blessing.

He’s right. I’m insanely stubborn when it comes to helping usually. Not always but on more than one occasion I do try to do things on my own, and then of course when I do ask for help, folks rarely give it.

I’ve been in a mood for the last few days, call it lack of sleep, call it overwhelmed. I’m stressed, and I’d much rather be at the beach/mountains, clean air, big long walks, and maybe a drone to fly 😉

I need a break sooner than later, for now, keep getting things stable and customers back to full happy.

PS:16 – Outage.


This has been a wild ride. It has been a while since I’ve had a massive outage. Let’s just say with next to nothing sleep. I’ve had a few meltdowns. Life has not been what I would call “Easy” lately. It never really is – but this has been even harder lately.

Right now I am still sitting on some down servers, trying to get a realistic time frame of wait or deploy – already have the hardware. The software is installing, hoping though before I’m done, it’ll be all backup and online!

More tomorrow I hope. Just fried and this is as much as a sleep deprived brain can do!

PS:15 – Birthday Month


So this year I reach a new number. Hello, 36. A lot going on as we head that way. Sadly as things have been crazy busy, my primary goal is sleep. I’m dead tired.

Not sure I have a big “Oh it’s 36 yay!” sort of moment, anyone do anything fun for their 36’th or is 40 the next big step?

Not a huge writing day, actually working on next to nothing in the sleep/rest department, so keeping it brief. Have 18 month check up for Lilly today, so between work and that – that’s all I’ve got for the day!

More tomorrow!

PS:14 – Quadcopter?


I’m an out-doorsey kind of guy. I enjoy fresh air because anywhere from 75-90% of my day tends to be at my desk. So any adventure out and about is great. Thus, this past summer I grabbed a simple quadcopter from Amazon. The Syma line was very cool, has some options for tricks and is honestly cheap. I got these after having lost to a tree/melted a motor of a Sky Viper, which is not the best drone in the world.

Why am I drone crazy? Well, I want a professional grade one but a $30 investment for learning seemed safer than crashing a $800 drone. The dream one thus far is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional because I love the range & video quality. I would love to fly out to the nearby areas as things are green, snow sprinkled/covered, not to mention if I get this gig on the coast; I likely will at least monthly go out and hit up a meeting or three. Ocean Video.

The thing I love is I’ve always posted photos. I’ve always posted things like panorama of the outdoors, 360 spheres on Google – just some photos even like this of the nearby Kern River:


I want to do more. I talked to my dad briefly about this the other day as the units are on sale on DJI’s website. I mentioned I thought it would be cool to do a flyby of beautiful Kern County areas like the above Kern River! Do some awesome music with it. Heck even maybe give a few images to my old friend Scott’s Instagram Channel.

It is a dream more than a “RUN GET IT!” I’m trying not to go nuts on spending in any fashion. I’ve thought about just getting a lower model, see if the YouTube channel alone would get some extra $$, throw in the tech site, a day job, and my business might be able to save up over the course of this year and buy it.

A Guy can dream can’t he? 🙂

PS:13 – Product Manager


So I’ve had a talk moving forward on my job offer. It sounds great. Still not all the specifics as of yet like things in the pay, benefits, etc. but very light ground work laying out for me what I would do.

I don’t mind the 9-to-5 job. It is nice to work with a crew and build something. I worked as the “IT Director” for a lab supply company for five years, before that I was the “eCommerce Guy” for a growing web firm, before that I was “IT Coordinator” for a High School Design Acadameny. Each has had it’s perks to it which have been nice.

This company has been awesome to work for as a contractor, and my brother works at this company too but has been insanely hands off, even to the point that I report to other people. I’ve even had the CEO hit me up and pick my brain even to the point he had me migrate a family members website to his servers.

So 9-to-5 solid, some options for bonuses based upon some factors if I can grow things for them (shouldn’t be too hard) and no conflict in working my own thing! Though moving forward some of my client base, if things seem solid, I may consider just bringing them into the fold.

I’ve been in and out today, but trying to keep with the post something every day, I’m up for a short bit – so here’s my post! Hopefully, this next week I’ll have a firm offer, heck even an active new job.