Pain + Work = No Money.

So for nearly 20 years now I’ve done my own business, in that 20 years a lot has happened to me, but thankfully nothing like currently. Back pain sucks.

I have literally been on my back and while everyone says as your own boss you are in control and make your own hours – there is some truth, but the real truth is you don’t have a boss…. but you have many customers who become your boss.

Sadly while being on my back I haven’t gotten much in the way of hours in, sure sure I have gotten a project or two (PTL) however a lul in hours for over 2+ months now has slowly drained reserves, and here we are mid-ish Feb. and I think my total billable hours is currently sitting at …. 2 hours. So that needs to change.

I have a big project which I am staying up tonight to work on, thankfully this back brace I got as a V-Day gift (oh yes, we are romantic like we are in our 70’s) is helping keep pain at bay without meds thankfully so whatever its holding in place … thanks Wifey 🙂

One thing I want to accomplish all things said and done after feeling better is most definitely finding new streams of revenue, design lately has been one that has given me some hours, but once things are wrapped up on a few projects I’m heading to the coast to talk business.

I’ve applied at a view DC’s over the years, and looked at the option of once again finding a 9-to-5 however sadly I do get the “You’re over qualified” or my personal favorite “We can’t afford to pay you what you’re worth” and while these are great ego boosts that I’m good at what I do… still I have no job to speak of lol – so this option can lead to some steady flow of income, a new stream for funds to flow in.

For now going to take my back-braced self and get some work done while pain is minimal and then get some rest, tomorrow is going to be a nutso day! 

(thanks for reading my random thoughts this evening partially brought to you by … Pain. Oh it hurts.)

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