PS:293 — Movies, Sleep, More Work

So I went out and saw Rouge One, not too shabby. I have enjoyed Star Wars since I was a kiddo, it was my go to VHS when I was sick, sadly I don’t actually own it anymore 🙁 but maybe one day I’ll grab the Blu-Ray and binge watch once Rouge One comes out and just do a BIG binge. Worth a watch! Great storyline to lead into Episode 4.

I did manage to get some extra sleep, it’s been nice to rest a little, but those things are always hanging just keep nagging then tonight or this morning… it started almost 5 hours ago a BIG WordPress optimization project with some server tweaks to help a server customer – but who knows I may rest a bit soon. I got the kiddo and wife asleep, though I think Lilly fought more than her mom.

I have a few more tweaks to make, then the final hour which I’ll do tomorrow will be taking the collective stats of the server for the last 12 hours and optimize things a bit further to allow a cleaner Apache tune-up, may do a MySQL tune-up too.

The joys of servers! Off I go.

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