PS:294 — Building Sites

So I picked up 6 hours of work from a server customer who was having issues with Apache just puttering out. After reviewing and Apache was getting pounded with about 100+ assets accessed per visit, and about 100 visits a minute, it couldn’t keep up – enter my first run with a CDN, and I must say much easier than any other I’ve ever researched.

keyCDN has been super easy and worked for this customer insanely well as it’s taken the load of those additional resources and serves them from several points around the world to make the site run smoothly. It’s even increased a few scores for the site 5-10 points. This has saved them a TON of bandwidth from my server resources, as well as server resources of CPU/MEMORY as Apache is no longer fighting to load them as quickly as it can and have the PHP processes start to choke as it eats up every ounce of memory.

I’m still, of course, tuning Apache and MySQL moving forward, but overall my first jump into a CDN and a site which had a real justifiable need for it went amazingly well. If you require help setting up your site with a CDN give me a shout and I’ll help get this great tool working for you.

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