PS:108 – Lilly Grace

So today has been a busy day with a busy kid! Today she has been go-go-go since 6:30 am, okay, probably honestly 6:15, but I held on to sleep thinking “Just five more minutes!” but it has been a busy day thus far!

Lately seems like no end in sight, and Lilly at least makes me laugh a lot! She is awesome when I’m on calls for the other server company I do work for, she plays and has fun pretty much on her own if needed, other times sitting here on my lap helping me write emails and support tickets! 😀

I’m blessed to have her as my daughter! She’s crashed out, so I’m going to burn through some work, we went to the UPS Store to get mail however upon parking and going to get her she looked exhausted! Brought her in asleep and she is still asleep! Back to the grind of work for me!

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