PS:127 – The Day doesn’t stop!

Since I woke up around 6:55am today the day has not really stopped too much. Seems like calls, trips to KAXL for some work on what turned out to be a dead monitor, some web work, server work, trip to the bank, I’d like a break for Target, but it’s already late and the kid was OUT when I got home.

Monday’s. That’s all it is. My Monday tends to set the tone for the week. Oi, this week is going to be a rough one. Hopefully, the weekend will surprise me with something better, maybe a large Russian woman will attempt to break up all the stress in my back! or I’ll get to take a nap!

Time will tell. I did get some parts in today for the 3D Printer, some M3 nuts which are said to make my bed more stable and level, of course I have to use them bare for now, then print the wheels once I get the bed leveled (but not sure why I’d need them then) LOL we shall see, again first all the work must get done, more hours ahead of me. Back to it!

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