PS:142 – What Next?

I keep asking myself that. I’m exhausted, and it seems more and more things keep cropping up. I was put on a project a while back; then it has gone silent. I was offered a job; then it never moved forward. I was offered ANOTHER job, and it too has just fizzled.

Not sure what is next, but lately I am just trying to move forward and get something rolling because I honestly feel like I am in a rut. Same ol same ol, nothing new.

I did get the 3D Printer up and running some, seems settings/software is one of the big issues – I say this as I did purchase Simplify 3D hoping to have it live up to the hype. Somewhere something has gone wrong, still have hope for the software just need to reach out to their support and see if help can be had. How I know something is wrong is I finally sat down, re-leveled the bed, and made two files, one Gcode from Cura, the other S3D – Cura print, perfect. Smooth, solid. What I’ve wanted! S3D? Not so much. It ate into the print; the raft was weak, something in my settings must be wrong somewhere.

All in all, a lot on my mind. 3D Printing could have some $$$ attached to it; a few folks have asked if I could print things. I’m going to look into craft fair/farmers markets – maybe split it with my cousin who’s an amazing sew’r makes some cool stuff!

TechFriendly Help is on my docket too – I’ve been considering just starting it off as it’s own blog vs. this magazine format I’ve had in my head, and then lean heavily on Social Media & projects that come across my desk to help folks with and make an article out of it. I still have a lot of ideas which I could roll out into the blog over time, but for now, I just feel like I need to GO!

Soon I hope to go to bed. Well, at least I can dream I will go to bed soon.

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