PS:148 – Staying Positive

Nothing like waking up to a bit of news which may be bad, just seems like lately the pile of bad outweighs the good – so vs. talking about it, let’s do some positive re-cap from the Instagram photos I posted last night:

By far one of my biggest prints, nearly broke the extruder assembly as I forgot to adjust the limits as I added a surface to the bed, so everything, when leveled, is off a bit, but it survived and came out nicely!

3D Printing has been great; it’s one of the few things lately, I feel like I’ve got nearly working. A few folks have asked about the cost of prints, and I have a few colors of filament I want to get, but going to move slowly on things until folks confirm what they want. is live, mainly just the “what we are doing” setup, I still need to build out a form that lets me accept questions, and to get the facebook page updated and online so folks can ask questions from social media – I hope this site takes off, I love talking tech!

I’m going to wrap up because I’m at the 2 o’clock hour and this day is quickly running out of hours. More stuff soon – check Instagram for more 3D printed goodies.


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