PS:167 – 3D Printing Update

So I have decided that I’m going to start printing for 1 quarter several items I think would sell quite well, from headphone holders (I love em for myself) to 3D Printed Vases so a lot of things I want to get printing – reason? I want to do a craft fair at the end of the quarter as things cool down.

I have also had a few folks say: “3D Print on Etsy!” I may just do that! I have a basic store I’ve tried setting up a few times, but going to print out a mini photo studio once I get back from traveling, put it together and take some shots of prints – not sure entirely what all I’ll put on there, some are prints I can use and sell, some I want to create my own little prints to sell – love printing, hopefully, more and more in the coming weeks!

I’ll post some prints here in a few weeks once the lightbox is setup and show off what I have! For now, I am going to wrap up packing, hoping to be in bed by 3 no later, out of town by 12 at the latest, and get checked into the hotel, hit the beach and chill for a bit.

Sleep coming soon!

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