PS:17 – Taking Help

I’m horrible at it. No. Really. Bad.

Even my brother last night posted to the company I may soon work for, that if I needed anything to do it for me, however, he noted:

He’s stubborn and probably won’t ask for help (love you Chuck)… But just in case he does, he has my blessing.

He’s right. I’m insanely stubborn when it comes to helping usually. Not always but on more than one occasion I do try to do things on my own, and then of course when I do ask for help, folks rarely give it.

I’ve been in a mood for the last few days, call it lack of sleep, call it overwhelmed. I’m stressed, and I’d much rather be at the beach/mountains, clean air, big long walks, and maybe a drone to fly 😉

I need a break sooner than later, for now, keep getting things stable and customers back to full happy.

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